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  1. That was a concern also. I didn't see any evidence of that though. They definitely need a good cleaning.
  2. Have a DN 5591 that I stopped the shaking with a 7” 2x4. I screwed a joist hanger sideways into the top back of the machine and one to the wall. Slid the 2x4 into the joist hangers, a few small screws to secure the 2x4 in place and no more shaking. It doesn’t stop side shaking but that wasn’t an issue.
  3. Yes. The possibility of these machines sitting for 9 years in a barn is concerning to me. It's buyer beware. Is long term storage an issue with these or is it pretty much nothing to worry about?
  4. My fear is they actually may be from 2010. LOL. Both machines where in a barn for "2-3 years" according to the seller. I certainly hope not though. They where both pretty rough. A good cleaning, a few used parts, hopefully fewer new parts and fingers crossed. One is running very well, This one gets cold but had the OUT OF SERVICE and wouldn't dispense. Now it appears to be working well. So far so good. Again Thank You
  5. I just went out to retry a clear errors again. It works fine now. After I cleared the codes and closed the door it went back to OUT OF SERVICE. At that point I realized I need some experienced advice. I just unplugged it and hit this forum. I haven't kept it plugged in other then to try try new parts as I get them. Today was the "whats up with these error codes" day. I set the prices a few weeks ago to $0.00 to test it for a few weeks before I find a placement. I bought two sad machines for $400. I have one up and running. I've been getting parts for this one over the past month. AZVendor. Thank You Jay C
  6. I have a DN 2145 with these issues. When I plug it in the display reads DIXIE - NARCO VMC - VER 030.61-A ENJOY A REFRESHING DRINK NOW Then it continuously scrolls OUT OF SERVICE. I did a Error search from test mode and the list shows as follows: PWR OUT LOW LINE LOW 28V END LIST I searched the manual and it touches on only 2 of the 3 ERRORS. POWER OUT & LOW 28V. PWR OUT is the last 5 power interruptions. All five are from the same week of 07/2010 and all of the times are with 20 minutes of 23:45 hours. The second one reads (From the manual) LOW 28V Indicates a problem with the controller boards 28 volt power supply. This is a fatal error and will put the vender out of service until resolved. I couldn't find anything on the ERROR that reads LOW LINE. I'm assuming all three errors are related. I tried a clear errors but when I close the door the screen displays OUT OF SERVICE right away. So.... How do I resolve the LOW 28V error.
  7. Thank you. I’ll definitely look into that.
  8. Yea. There’s plenty on change. All tubes are almost completely full. And it’s a machine that’s placed and working well. I put the old 1.00 conlux back in and it worked fine. I bought a product myself and it gave me correct change. Oh well. I’ll trade it in. Thanks for the reply,
  9. I bought two used bev max 2145 machines and both where missing some parts. Mostly cosmetic. One came with a conlux bill reader dated from 2010 so current 5 dollar bills shouldn’t be a problem. The problem is I get 5 green flashed indicated “disabled”. Is there something I can do to “able” it. It’s a model NBM 3120 I connected it to a machine that is placed and working well. Not the machines I mentioned above.
  10. I traced the wire for the switch and it appears to have good contact from the push button switch to the board. I made a connection with a wire and nothing. I'll definitely replace it anyway. What and where is the temp control?
  11. I have a Royal Vendor GIII Coke machine in my back yard. It's a novelty for parties. It's set on free vend with soda and some adult beverages. It was a hit. About a year ago, the kids started telling me the soda was warm. Looking into this I found the compressor wasn't kicking on. The condenser runs but no compressor = No cold. I called a service guy that brought a whole compressor unit ($400.00 and said no way) and he replaced the thermostat. In January at below freezing temperature outside. I plugged the compressor into the outlet and it kicks on. What I didn't know was it stayed on. The next morning the soda was popping and it was a mess in there. Flash forward to today and the same thing. No compressor. I have done some research and the door switch turns the compressor off. I jumped it with a piece of wire but still no compressor. I plug it back in and 3 hours later...... Wallah... Cold drinks. What's the deal with this thing? I suspect it's something with the the black outlet for the compressor plug. Anyone have any suggestions?
  12. Well that’s a lot of information. We’re going to get the part we just need some time to turn a little profit. Thank you to everyone for the advice. This is a great resource site.
  13. It’s in a firehouse. Our schedule is set up 4 on 4 off so I’m not here for 4 days. I can replace the coins regularly. I do appreciate the advice though. I can see that being an issue if it’s on site somewhere. It has 2 quarter tubes and a single dime and nickel tubes and everything is rounded to .25¢. Were a bunch of cavemen. Lol.
  14. Thank you cvending. I’ll pass on the info tomorrow night. He’s doing his ambulance tour today.
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