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  1. I have used Joseph, a professional vending locator, several times for large snack/soda machines and now small toy machines. He has been locating for 20+ years and gives lectures on locating machines at vending exhibitions. I will gladly talk to you about my personal experience with him and his exceptional talent. He is a man of complete integrity and honesty. Email me at TNTVendingdfw09@aol.com for more information.
  2. TNTVending

    Info needed on americas best locator/Richard campbell

    I talked to Rodney and he turned me down bc I'm trying to place toy machines and they are more difficult to place he said:(
  3. I'm new to bulk vending and am seeking reputable locator...I've looked a bit in here for reviews on this locator, Richard Campbell, but haven't found much, does anyone have experience using his services?
  4. TNTVending

    Real time reviews of locators

    I'm new to this site, I read the above reviews and haven't seen anything about a Richard Campbell, his locating service is called Americas Best Locators and it's well advertised, has anyone dealt with him? I'm considering him to help me place bulk toy vending machines...