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  1. He hasn't been active on this site in several months.
  2. I know this is going to be a stretch but I'm looking at buying some blazing quarters machines and had some questions. Tried calling the number on ron's website and some lady answers that has no idea who Ron is. I've received no response from my email to blazingquarters@gmail.com is he still building machines? Any information would be appreciated
  3. Billbill825

    Coin pusher in wisconsin

    So I couldn't find an edit button for the post but talked to several town chairmen and two different sheriffs in two different counties and all of them agreed that the machines are not a game of chance any more than a claw machine is as long as the playing field isn't baited with $20s $50s and $100s
  4. Billbill825

    State specific licensing and tax info

    Anyone have information on claw machines in Wisconsin? I know there is a provision in the gambling statute deeming them legal but can't find information regarding registration of machines, license, and annual fees etc.
  5. Billbill825

    Coin pusher in wisconsin

    So I decided that I'm going to buy a pusher (I know video slots/pushers fall into a grey area. Illegal but seldomly enforced) this will be my first venture into any sort of vending. I'm having a hard time finding out exactly where you can put them in the state. All of our bars are packed with video slots already and I don't want to step on any established vendors toes until I decide how far I want to go with this. I know of several laundromats in the area that have no vending other than a pop machine but can not find the punishment if the cops were to come. 5 machines or less at a location if it has a class b liquor license is punishable by up to a $2500 fine. Is a location that isn't a bar or restaurant with a class b a felony? I've read through the gambling laws and don't see where it specifically states what the punishment is. Any help would greatly be appreciated