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  1. thedosdiez

    New to Honor Box Vending

    Hi, I have 9 locations so far. I have 25 boxes but locations are kind hard for me to get. I just collected last week. I’m trying every 3 weeks to collect and replace boxes. My best place is a nail salon. I made $37.22 and my worst place is also a nail salon which made $1.25. the total for all my boxes I have located was $209.97 with paying the charity and buying more product I made a little over $100 which isn’t to bad I guess. I’m saving all I can to get into pop/soda machines. I’m using the honor boxes as just a way to get into vending.
  2. thedosdiez

    Honor box locators

    Can someone recommend a locator. I’m having some trouble getting locations. I know of vendinglocator4u but they seem kind of expensive. 26.99 per location. Sheridan offers it for $12 a location but it’s for breast cancer boxes only. I have plain candy boxes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. thedosdiez

    New to Honor Box Vending

    I kind of figured it out. I ordered boxes from sheridansystems. Total was $226 i hooked up with AAFLC charity which is $1 a box. I have placed 3 boxes so far and just collected from a week ago. I made $22.23 im going out this weekend to place more I hope.
  4. thedosdiez

    Building new Honor and Snack Box Routes

    Thanks for the updates. I was going to use charityvending.org but I keep seeing bad reviews about the locations they get you. Have you ordered locations from anywhere other than charityvending? If so who would you recommend using?
  5. Hi, I’m new to the vending world. What exactly do I need to start honor box vending? Do I need a vendors license? I’m thinking about ordering 25 boxes from Sheridansystems. What exactly do I need to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.