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  1. CWlife

    Trying VendingLocator4U

    Time for a update. Rodney called me again today, he is working on closing on a location for me. So good news hopefully it keeps going in this direction.
  2. CWlife

    Trying VendingLocator4U

    update I received a phone call from Rodney today. Everything sounds good so I'm in a holding pattern waiting on locations now.
  3. CWlife

    Trying VendingLocator4U

    Update I sent the information they requested in on Monday afternoon. Now to wait for a response.
  4. Hello I am going to try VendingLocator4U. I know everyone will be wondering if this is a try article or not since it is my first one. Well to me it will not matter that much if you believe me. i know i will be writing what happens to me good bad or what every. Now i have read a lot of the posts about VendingLocator4U but i have a machine just setting in storage costing me money so i will give them the benefit of the doubt and try them. i will keep you all informed as to how it goes.