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  1. Thanks! I decided to go to the print shop and get a simple sticker
  2. Hi everyone, wondering if anyone knows a nice sample for contact info to put on my machines. Just something with graphics that states if customer is experiencing issues to call me. I would make my own but I have terrible taste in design. Thanks!
  3. Why do you have to be so rude - I honestly told myself it was a bad idea to join a forum because people are generally so negative on these but I went ahead because my mentor advised it. I don't need you to tell me how long i'll be in business, goodbye.
  4. Hello everyone, hope all your business are prospering. I am looking to place my very first machine, planning on finding a location first then buying a machine. Any good experiences with snack and healthy snack machine locators?
  5. Good point, very few things can make truly passive income however this business is a lot more passive than a lot of other businesses especially when you have other people working for you. With that being said I fully understand everything that comes with the job and i'm actually excited about doing all the things you mentioned save taxes which I plan to outsource.
  6. Thank you, if I could ask you a question what is your main reason for being in the vending industry?
  7. I apologize ahead of time if i've missed this on the forum but i've spent close to an hour reading through the threads to no avail - is there anywhere i can get access to a contract? Once the owner of a location agrees to place my machine what kind of things should my contract contain? Really appreciate any help on this!
  8. Hello everyone, my name is Mel and i'm from Detroit, MI. Just launched my very first business called Healthy Route Vending and I'm super excited to be in this business! I do want to mention that even though it is called Healthy Route I will also sell other "non-healthy" snacks and drinks depending on the location of course. My main reason for getting into the vending industry is the opportunity it provides for financial freedom and passive income. Making money by not trading in hours or punching the clock is like magic to me. I look forward to meeting and learning from you all, thank you!
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