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  1. Regarding the vinyl on the delivery chute... Is there any reason why I shouldn't remove the vinyl and just coat the sheet metal chute with something like Krylon Rust Protector and Preventative Enamel? Other than being noisier I can't think of any downsides. Thanks, Duane
  2. The closest vending parts supplier I could find is in Oakland. If there are others they must not be advertising much. I didn't call around to have someone come service it because that costs more and we have to stretch what little money we have as far as we can. I can change a cooling deck, I've done it before. I was considering making the drive anyway when this machine came up on craigslist. I'd been looking at machines online for several weeks so I do know how much they cost. That is why I jumped on this one, even if we have to spend a little more to fix it up. It was a matter of, was the old machine worth the cost to repair or would we be better off with a newer machine which procided more options. What will I do when the compressor craps out? That's really going to depend on how old the machine is at that time, what condition it is in otherwise and the cost/benefits of repairing it vs replacing it with something else. If it's worth the cost of a cooling deck to repair it I will purchase a refurbished one and install it myself.
  3. Sorry, but I'm not in the boondocks either. I happen to be in the Santa Cruz mountains, about 40 minutes from Silicon Valley where I work as a Unix Systems Engineer. I await your next asinine comment.
  4. $200 to fix an old single-price machine that only vends 12oz cans (plus a 4 hour drive to get the cooling deck), or $300 for a multi-price machine (less than an hour drive) that'll do both cans and bottles. It made more sense to me to go with the latter. No, I am not cheap. I'm not in the vending business and this isn't for me. It's for our community center for which I am a VOLUNTEER officer. We are a small community (500 homes) with a community center that has an ANNUAL budget of less than $5,000. So even $200 is a big expense. And before you suggest we have a vending company place a machine... They won't. We're too far out of the way and the sales aren't enough to make it profitable for them. Comments llike that, when you don't know the full story, make YOU look like the a##.
  5. The full manual and the label in the machine shows 3 gage clips. The two used for 3-can ('B' 1066104) and one all the way in the back ('D' 1122103). After posting I ran across another pdf showing another clip ('E' 1121704) in the #5 position which I don't have so I have ordered some of them. Hoping this will fix it. I noticed the issue with the delivery shute. I'm going to try to glue, or double-sided tape, the vinyl to the sheet metal. Maybe waxing the vinyl will also help. Is there something like teflon spray I can use to slicken it up? Trying to get this up and running quick as the compressor in our old single-price dixie-narco died. Vendors around here want $200 for a cooling deck. I picked this machine up for $300 and have put about $100 into parts for it. Still 1/3 the cost of what the machine usually goes for around here. Thanks for the help, Duane
  6. Just picked up a used machine for our community center. It was configured for 12oz cans, 3-deep. I purchased the gage clips to convert to 4-deep. It's configured as shown on the label inside the machine. cam setting: 4 backspacer: 19 gage bar loc: 1 gage bar clips: b1, b2, d0 Some columns will dispense 2 cans on the 2nd vend, none on the 3rd. Some do it intermittently. All columns are configured the same. Are there any other adjustmens I should be aware of? Thanks, Duane
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