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  1. Thanks everyone, I had a feeling the titans werent going to be that far off from vendstar.. I'll most likely go with beaver and northwestern machines. I'm in the nacogdoches area of texas, Bravo
  2. I was thinking about investing a a few of these.. https://www.gumball.com/products/mighty-mite-rocket-gumball-machine-on-stand https://www.gumball.com/products/titan-square-with-cash-box How reliable are these?
  3. I'm incredibly new here so I may not be of any assistance but ill try.. Soda machines are heavy, id assume your idea will work with 5 or 6 people lifting it. Have a couple of people behind it so it doesnt tilt and fall when y'all stand it up. Good luck! Sorry i couldnt be more help.. I dont have much experience lol.
  4. I was thinking I'd start with bulk candy and work my way up to claw machines and other amusement vending.
  5. I'm Tiffany, 21 from Texas. I am currently researching everything i need to know about vending before I start own route. Expect newbie questions from me until i learn the ropes... Mentors are welcome.
  6. So like, write it down on notebook paper? Lol this is the hardest part to me, they dont teach this crap in school lol. I just assumed id write down the store details, machine details, then the income collected from the machine?
  7. Will the business send me paperwork to fill out for information on my machines, monthly income, or something like that? Maybe its an online process? I'm pretty confused about what exactly to do when it comes to reporting the income made on a small vending route..
  8. Long story short I've loved claw machines my whole life, and I'd like to become a vendor of the sorts. I've already looked up local state laws and permits, registration for machines, etc.. I'm in the process of saving the money now. I want to purchase old, cheap machines and refurbish them. How many machines do I need to start making a good profit monthly? Or is it possible to start out with just one?
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