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  1. Hi y'all! First post here (pretty excited about it). I found a lot of useful information on this forum over the last few months and I figured out it was my time to join the party! I'm from Canada (cheers to all the neighbors out there!) and doing a part-time vending machine hustle on the side with 2 friends. We installed 9 machines over the last 10 months or so. We specialize in the healthy-ish market and focus mainly on gyms (since we have a lot of contacts there). I found that the most frequent problem we have is bugged coin changers. Since we bought all of our machines used, here is my first question: Do you think it is a good investment to buy new coin changers and replace the old ones? I feel like unresponsive coin changers can be a threat to the "health" of a location... Moreover, we bought a few really cheap machines : 3 seaga combo machines... yikes, 3 small AP CS12 (which work pretty well but not a lot of features), 1 Merlin IV beverage machine, 1 AMS Slim Gem and 1 Mercato 2000 (I really like the last 2). We want to stay in not-so-expensive and small-ish vending machines, but we still want good and reliable machines. What are you guys favorite brands/models for reliability, low maintenance and quality? Furthermore, how often do you usually fill and maintain your machines? And what does your maintenance routine look like? I usually do 1 time per week, maybe 2. I'll clean up the window, remove little dust and sometimes check the coin changer. It takes me around 10-15 minutes each location. It is not a big deal since we only have 9 machines, but it might become a (good) problem if we keep adding machines to our route. Thanks a lot! FELIX ✌️
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