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  1. I just my eport transferred, thank you all for your help answering my transfer question. New question, does USA Tech send me a 1099 for taxes or will I have to report it myself based on honesty? I have kept my figures on excel and my sales are approximately 12kish. Pretty new to this, so I just want to be prepared.
  2. BGJ

    Eport Question

    Thanks, thanks for the response. Sounds like it all depends.
  3. So I got some eports, how long does it typically take to transfer from one account to another? I'm sure some of you may have experience with this, I haven't done this before. Sounds like the previous owner needs to release and I need to add, but I read somewhere that it could take 2-3 weeks, which seems long.
  4. Thank you for your input, got these locations for 8k, seemed like a good deal since I will be able to recoup investments in about a year. I really appreciate your time.
  5. Ah, sorry. These are annual figures, the first figure is $12,000. Thanks for the reply AngryChris
  6. Can I get an veteran's help to approximate the worth on my machines and routes. I am a bit new and don't know what my machines are worth individually and the route. Location 1 ($12,00 gross) Beverage Dixie Narco 3800/Snack Automatic Products Studio 3 both with cc reader Location 2 ($3,400) gross) Beverage Royal Vendor 660/Snack National 147 rv has a cc reader Location 3 ($1,500 gross) Beverage Royal Vendor 660 I'll take any recommendations/comments, good or bad. I'd also like to know what you would purchase this route for?