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  1. So someone just installed a brand new Seaga combo machine at the company I work at. Oh boy. Do I give a heads up to management or the owner of the machine?
  2. Bought some accounts 6 months ago, I pretty much handle everything except moving machines (added locations) and major maintenance (nothing yet, knock on wood). I'm a little over half way there of collecting what I've put into these accounts. I'm a government accountant full time so it helps a lot when I put all the #'s together. I actually bought an SUV to help me do this with the intention of using it for a baby on the way. Plan is to sell the accounts within two years or if I get a good offer. Wish I could get into real estate, but prices are sky high in Los Angeles
  3. Location 1: East Los Angeles (weekly or more) I typically go once my beverage machines reaches $200 in sales from the last I filled. Location 2: Commerce (fill every 2-3 weeks) Location 3: Near LAX (fill every 4-6 weeks) Location 4: Compton (fill every 2 weeks)
  4. Location 1: $1300+ monthly DN3800/AP Studio 3 - CC readers on both (open from 4am to 11pm) I usually go around 430am, my preferred time before my FT job. Metal shop - 300+ employees, 50 office, 50-70 in the shop, 200+ out in the field coming in and out -------------------------- Location 2: $200 monthly RV660/National 147 - CC reader only on beverage Flavor making company - 100+ employees -------------------------- Location 3: $150 monthly RV660 - CC reader High end advertising company - This literally has 500+ employees, but it's located in the backside -------------------------- Location 4: $400 monthly RV660/(I believe National 147) - No CC readers (new account since August, but I think it's a good idea) Logistics Distributor, about 50 employees plus truck drivers coming in and out Making a good chunk of money from a drink called Venom. I order from Dr.Pepper-Snapple * I'm positive revenue will grow bigger if they had CC readers, they don't have much food options nearby -------------------------- Not willing to sell Location 1 unless I sell everything, I'd have spoilage. This whole route gives me no spoilage (except Taki's which don't sell as great) All machines are clean, good working condition. Maybe once a month, Location 1 will say a machine stole their money I leave the receptionist a bag of money ($20), so she can reimburse if it happens (keeps me from going there when I'm at my FT job) She also keeps a log of who, what machine, when and how much. Win-Win situation in my opinion. I'll throw in a soda or candy bar for the receptionist once a week or so to keep her happy. If I sell everything, you'd take literally everything including all my inventory, estimating 1k+ ** Any serious buyers, I've got a spreadsheet that will amaze you. I'm an accountant by profession Pricing: All chips (all): $1 All candy/snacks (all): $1 Pork Cracklins (location 1): $1.50 Snapple/Gatorade (location 1/2/4): $1.50 Apple/Orange Juice (location 1): $2.00 Frappucinno (9.5 oz) (location 1): $2.50 Canned Sodas (all): $1 Monster (location 2 & 4): $2.50 Venom (location 4): $1.50
  5. Would it be appropriate to list my route for sale on this forum? Assuming there are some small SoCal (Los Angeles) vendors who might be interested? Thinking for the very near future, since my wife and I are trying to have a baby. Not sure if I'll be handle it. Anybody have experience working a full time job, working 20-25 additional hours vending on the side with a pregnant wife or have young kids? I'd love your input!
  6. You located in LA, I actually might know someone there who can help you get out the soda supplier.
  7. I actually do need some help, I followed the video and was able to get to the mode section but I couldn't find the price option. I was able to get to this area where it says CA 1, CA 2, CA 3, etc... but I have no clue what it is. Another thing I was trying to do was how do I get OUT of the mode option. Because anybody who knows the 42314 code can just go in and change the price. It was still able to vend though.
  8. I think I found it. But how do I find the password or is it 4231 for every machine? http://vendinghow.com/video/how-to-set-prices-on-a-royal-660-and-other-soda-machines
  9. Can anybody help? Tried looking on Youtube and the forums but couldn't find anything detailed.
  10. Is this worth it at all? 15 employee logistics company with trucks coming in and out in Los Angeles County. I have a location about 2 blocks away that I recently got (also logistics, I'd say 25 employees). Approximating 2k+ in sales annually.
  11. Thanks for the advice! I'll see if they have it available
  12. Got it, waiting back for a call. I typically buy my things from Costco. What type of licenses/permits will they require me to have?
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