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  1. Ive got a vendo 721 9 select machine im looking to slap a greenlite card reader on and the control board has a 12.4 eprom. The big question is can this version eprom support a card reader on this machine?
  2. Zachsea

    Greenlite cc reader

    Yes i did set the national to mdb card and also added the new microprocesser to the ap.
  3. Zachsea

    Greenlite cc reader

    Now this is the current lighting and it says "sig str 0 sig failure"
  4. Zachsea

    Greenlite cc reader

    Would lack of reception not make the mdb light come on cause it doesnt think its has enough reception to go through with the purchase?
  5. Zachsea

    Greenlite cc reader

    They have not. Checked the signal again and its at 9 and the signal light is yellow
  6. Having trouble with 2 greenlite card readers and seed cashless devices making the display on the readers say "please use cash". Machines are ap lcm3 mdb and national 168. Both machines wont light up the mdb light on the seed cashless device but everything else is green. Both bill acceptors are getting power and will take bills but both coin acceptors have no coins in the tubes. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  7. Zachsea

    crane 168 product coupling help

    Issue fixed. Loose wire on the trays wiring harness.
  8. Zachsea

    crane 168 product coupling help

    Yes i have. As of right now just trying to figure out how to reset the computer to its default settings.
  9. Hey guys new to the forum but heres what i've got. i purchased a crane 168 4 wide snack machine from a local guy who just pulled it off his route BUT on the E row only the odd number selections work ( e1 e3 e5 e7) and when you first go to adjust the coupling settings the screen reads .E.E.E.E. and when you go to press the even numbers to uncouple the selections the screen reads ?E?E?E?E?. How do you uncouple these selections from each other or how do you find out whats actually cooking there cause what i'm doing obviously isn't working lol. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!