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  1. Though it may be hard to except. If i were you id get a name brand such as dixie narco and royal for a drink machine and automatic products or crane national for a snack and always avoid fly by night companies machines (1800,antares,healthy 4 u, etc). Parts are so much more available and itll be a much higher quality machine.
  2. Thanks @AngryChris! Hit the nail on the head with that answer👍
  3. We keep our bulbs going in our machines too but was just seeing if anyone here had gone without replacing them and noticed a decrease in their sales.
  4. Out of curiosoty Ive always heard lights burned out inside of drink and snack machines have decreased sales all around because peoples first impression is the machine is turned off BUT has anyone here actually experimented with this and noticed a drop in sales at a location where the lights burned out. if so what were your results or did you even notice the difference?
  5. If you go to ebay theres a package deal of 7 thin column can shims for 501e. $125 or one for $25 free shipping on both. Its snack attack vending selling them. Dudes a great seller and ships your order super fast.
  6. We have an agreement with coke pepsi and frito lay to pick up orders at their cell centers so that could be a pissibility for you.
  7. Does anybody have a link or know what id need to add to a 3130 usi to be card capable? It has an mdb board ,bill, and coin taker but not super familiar with what a usi would need like an eprom or what not. Thanks!
  8. Hows the fitting on the rotor look? If its bent or warped any it can throw off the timing of spinning the rotor
  9. Hes right^call to activate them but have the asset number and your account info ready.
  10. Ever considered a roach coach or dirt cheap vending trailer to bounce around from site to site? Itd be much easier to move and theft and damages would be not existant.
  11. From what i can tell they’re nothing you’d ever want to be a part of. The help they hire to fill the machines doesn’t seem smart enough to count to ten 😂 and itd still be your skin in the game and your name on the machines but their help maintaining the equipment. Heres a local concrete company with 170 employees they “service”. Needless to say its our account now😂they just make it way too easy. Moral of the story is stear clear if you want to keep your good reputation.
  12. From what youre describing for this location I would be fine with a drink and snack with card readers but the cold food would throw me off. We have 1 at a manufacturing plant with 110 employees and it does well but with almost half the employees I think Itd be a money hole more than anything with the initial machine investment and out of dates.
  13. From the front is there any easliy distinguished differences in the national 148-168 machines. The two machines are a good deal but would like to see if anyone could tell what type they are before i made any commitments to go look at them.
  14. Lacanteen do you happen to have a national 145 control board?
  15. Looking for a second opinion before purchasing a new board. The machine will not switch into service mode and over night 3 out of five rows on the keypad gave out all at once.
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