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  1. https://www.vend-resource.com/sites/default/files/vendo-quick-vend-manual-264-312-345-407-475.pdf
  2. Its both of what you just described. I havent replaced the shelf harness it self but maybe theres a bad spot on it im just not seeing.
  3. Have an ap 121c that was initially making the motor spin a quarter turn then when motor was swapped for new one and it now goes counter clockwise a full turn. Have found no bad spots on the harness as well. Any help is greatly appreciated at this point.
  4. Normal name brand 1 oz chips sell 75c all day long. Anything bigger goes to $1.00.
  5. I believe you can buy anything you want in store or online or cash out
  6. Havent seen original payday bars in my sams in weeks does anybody know where they are or whats up? The chocolate ones are everywhere though.
  7. Are the coin tubes in the coin mech full or have change in them?
  8. Screen froze up and cant figure out how to delete post. Disregard this one.
  9. Looking to get 3 frozen food/ice cream machines and its come down to these two. Wanted to check with you guys to see before I jump into buying.
  10. Which do you prefer? Needing 3 so wanted to check with you guys to see what the better machine is before we pull the trigger.
  11. Hi all i have a 158 that is doing something strange. Ive attached a photo that shows what selections stopped working overnight and which still work. These machines have super crumby flimsy wiring so i think thats my problem but id like a second opinion.
  12. Believe it or not my coke rep is 10/10. Cant say the same though for my pepsi rep so i know what you mean.
  13. Just spoke to my coke rep. With the volume we were already moving from sams and walmart we qualified for the gold status pricing. With reciepts provided that we saved from sams they were confident to skip bronze and go to gold.👍thank yall for your input!
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