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  1. We have a machine that sells monster ultra sunrises fairly well but Id only do these if they ask for them or energy drinks sold well before hand. Figured Id throw that idea out there its not a milk or juice sort of deal but its targeted towards the morning/breakfast crowd.
  2. If its a 276e you should be able to go to the “SSM” function and it should scroll a message through when turned on
  3. Recieved a call from a manufacturing company relatively close to me today with 170 blue collar workers reguarding the possibility of adding them to my route but theres a catch, they want a micro market and I have zero experience with these. I meet with them this monday to discuss what we can do for them but need a little advice since this is a relatively new concept for me. What company supplies the best markets, what should i be prepared to pay for up front for a good quality market, what other services should I expect to pay to get the market up and running (besides product)? etc. Thanks!
  4. I need the harness that splits off into two spots on the control board. Then Runs up the back of the machine to where all the shelves plug in. Cant seem to find one ANYWHERE.
  5. I did check back at the plug and theres no way for them to get in back there its sealed super tight.
  6. So this morning i went to one of my biggest locations which is a big farm and noticed rats had gotten into a good bit of the food inside. My theory is theyre getting in through the delivery bay door because i cant find any holes theyd be sble to slip through and the door to the bay is very easily swung open. Is there a counterweight they sell to make the door heavier or what are my options? Machine is an ap 113.
  7. Got a call this morning about ants in my machine. Whats the best way to prevent them?
  8. Let me tell you as a person who was in your shoes at that age around 8 or 9 years ago listen to AZ and start with bulk vending! Itll get your feet planted in the business on what you want to do and where you might want to go. Its also a MUCH more inexpensive way to get a feel on how to land locations and find what good locations really are. Stick to good used northwestern and oak machines to start out. DO NOT buy vendstars theyre cheap plastic junk machines. Constantly keep an eye out for possible locations and when youve got the time go ,speak with the location about possibly placing your candy machine there. Speaking to people can be difficult at first but just force yourself to keep going no matter how many no’s you get because theres a yes waiting at some point. Loosen up too when you go to give them your sales pitch and have some fun with it, you can have the best equipment on earth but with a sour attitude you wont get very far. Doing this gives you some “building blocks” if you will on how to grow in other vending avenues. I started this way and i’ll tell you im VERY glad i did.
  9. https://www.capitalvending.com/icepromaplcm-micro.html there you go
  10. What version eprom do you have? I believe the most up to date version is 67061-9.
  11. Looking into buying a Royal 780 and want to know as it sits will it take a card reader and report cash sales?
  12. Also is it card reader compatible as is
  13. Looking to purchase a vendo 576 but have never owned one or even had the chance to look at one. If you own one id like to know their strengths and weakness and if the machine is worth purchasing($500). Everything is supposed to work and im not sure if its set for bottles or cans at the moment.
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