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  1. From what youre describing for this location I would be fine with a drink and snack with card readers but the cold food would throw me off. We have 1 at a manufacturing plant with 110 employees and it does well but with almost half the employees I think Itd be a money hole more than anything with the initial machine investment and out of dates.
  2. From the front is there any easliy distinguished differences in the national 148-168 machines. The two machines are a good deal but would like to see if anyone could tell what type they are before i made any commitments to go look at them.
  3. Lacanteen do you happen to have a national 145 control board?
  4. Looking for a second opinion before purchasing a new board. The machine will not switch into service mode and over night 3 out of five rows on the keypad gave out all at once.
  5. I have an ap lcm 5 wide that has the mdb board with the red square button that has become a major headache. Every week or so it will only accept 50 cents at a time, turn power off then on and its back to normal and now it has decided to only allow the bottom two rows of the keypad to function. Is this a bad board or what is going on here?
  6. Route is expanding to the point i cant run it all out of my f150 anymore. Ive been thinking of buying a 7x12 or 7x14 enclosed trailer with shelving inside to deliver product and deliver machines with a tandem dolly (anderson vending dolly). Does anybody else do this and what were the pros and cons. Thanks!
  7. Im just gonna pull this one and replace with an ap lcm🙃more problems arose when i got to messing with it more.
  8. Would you think resetting the machine to factory settings would stop from spinning all the coils 1.5 times?
  9. Or better yet how do you restore the control board to factory settings?
  10. Have a national 145 that is becoming a MAJOR headache. It has a ucb ver 2.2.0 and two problems are occuring. First when you select the a1 selection to vend, c1 and e5 spin also. Secondly all the selections spin 1.5 turns instead of just 1 full turn. Any suggestion helps thanks!
  11. alright. Thanks everybody
  12. So just the usual mdb harness and mdb bill and coin acceptor?
  13. Have an ap lcm machine with the mdb control board im looking to add a greenlite card reader to. What hardware will i need to add and swap out to make it work?
  14. One more question how often would you say the site brings you a new client?
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