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  1. At our local sams club were running out of lays brand chips and have only 3 kinds left (bbq smartfood and ruffles). For the time being to get by what brands and flavors are you guys using to get through until they come back in stock. Have spoken to our lays cell center too and they have no real eta on the missing flavors returning and see running out of even the lss size bags soon as a possibility. What a year 2021 has been.
  2. Hi all ive got a royal 550 thats being a real headache. Some things have power and some do not on the machine. Initially showed up and swapped deck because it was hot inside but no dice and upon further examination the new deck, the bill acceptor, coin acceptor, and everything else seems dead in the water on power. The 2 fuses up top look fine and when you slap the holder for them back in the bill acceptor cycles for a moment but never comes on completely. Is this a board issue? Its the version with the small blue button. Thanks!
  3. Just swung by a little while ago has a 0063…think weve got our issue. Thank you!
  4. We have an ap studio 2d that has a greenlite and cantaloupe seedbox saying “mxprice” when nothing is over $1.25. Kit was replaced with known working one but still no good. Eprom version is Rev 0063. Is this eprom up to par or will we need to update?
  5. Believe it is bad also. Manually engaged it through the computer, heard the switch engage, made no warmth. Checked for any raw spots on the wiring and found zero. All connections are firm and not dirty. So by deductive reasoning does that mean the heater?
  6. I did also just look and see it was only set to defrost once a day. I tweaked it up to 5 a day. Machine is set to be -5 could this have been the problem?
  7. So returned today to find were iced up again. Replaced evap fan motor and ran well about a week. Time for a triac?
  8. Figure id update you guys. Pulled the deck out a bit to look and the evaporator was totally covered in ice. Pressed the switch to watch the evap fan and it didnt move and made a whining sound. DING DING DING think weve got it. Thank you everyone👍
  9. And what is a triac exactly and where is it?
  10. So the machine has little around 6 inches wall space and all screens are spotless. No ice was visible. Did not get to see any motors but will be by tomorrow to investigate further. Thanks everyone👍
  11. Have a 455 crane that is having an issue keeping temp. Has worked well for last couple months being set to -5 and keeping a consistent temp but showed up today and was out of service and said machine reached 35 degrees (no bueno). Has also started making a higher pitch noise for about 30 seconds after starting then goes back to normal noise level. Machine shares a wall with an ap studio 3 and a 501e but those haven’t given it any trouble before so any pointers or ideas where to start at?
  12. Larger sandwiches (hamburger chicken sandwich etc) $3.00 Breakfast items (breakfast burrito Jd sandwiches) $2.00 small items (hot pocket white castle etc) $1.50 Rayberns and breakfast bowls $4.00 (theyre huge but dont sell much) It all comes froms sams and the small items are the highest profitable and outsell other stuff 3 to 1.
  13. Are there any wires holding the door switch shut? Or is your door switch pulled all the way out?
  14. That was it. Vendors Exchange had it👍
  15. Looking for a piece of black trim for a national 158. Its on the far right side of the door stretching from top to bottom and measures a little over 66” long. Any part number from a website is fine or if anybody has one theyd like to sell plz let me know. Thanks!
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