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  1. Believe it or not my coke rep is 10/10. Cant say the same though for my pepsi rep so i know what you mean.
  2. Just spoke to my coke rep. With the volume we were already moving from sams and walmart we qualified for the gold status pricing. With reciepts provided that we saved from sams they were confident to skip bronze and go to gold.👍thank yall for your input!
  3. Hi everybody im getting to the point where im needing to start ordering mainly from bottlers. My local sams has cut lots of drinks i sell and their inventory is so unreliable its become a joke. What do you pay per case of 12 oz cans and 20 oz bottles from your bottlers and will they negotiate pricing with you by volume you sell? I appreciate the input!
  4. Thank you for the insight AZVendor👍
  5. Hi everyone Ive been doing some thinking about jumping into the cold food market. Ive got 3 established locations Im wanting to start out with and the smallest account has 110 employees. They have all ask about the possibility for one and the demand seems to be there for it also but the main issue is is it worth it? Also looking at Crane 431s to get the job done also so any reviews on those would be great too. Thanks!
  6. There is its a mei 2512 and its turned to “mdb dbv”
  7. Have a national 157 that will give power to the bill acceptor but will not let the acceptor take a dollar. Coin tubes are full and there is no existing credit in the machine. Any help is appreciated
  8. Hi everybody i recently picked up 3 dn 501e’s with 3 usa tech card reader setups on them. The only thing is i dont use usa tech and would like to sell them all but have never done this before. What all will i need information wise to sell these readers and how do i properly sell them with no hickups.
  9. Had this issue before on an ap lcm. Take the flap out, go outside, and use a metal file to grind down the sides of the flap. Will never have that issue again.
  10. Been pondering lately getting a DN 5591 for a location. Wanted to know what ill need to set it up mainly for cans. Is it done through shims or through a computer setting? Also as a machine itself what are its strong and weak points?
  11. Been looking a long while for pork rinds and cant find anything that is cheap enough to resell at a decent percentage without people complaining. Can somebody point in the direction of good pork rinds that are cheap enough to sell.
  12. Just talked to a local moving company they said theyd do it 38/hr per mover which will be 3 movers so thats what were going to go with👍
  13. Yeah thats the sawmills main breakroom so its a crucial piece of the puzzle
  14. Got a nice new location today thats going to call for 18 machines but i have a problem. One of the locations is a breakroom up stairs so how much do you pay or should i expect to pay to have a drink and snack moved in using someone else to install them?
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