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  1. Big Island Bound

    Movie Stop DBA

    never mind. i'm assuming the conlux is just for vending machines. does anyone know a make and model number of a DBA that's inexpensive and would work for a Movie Stop game. thanks.
  2. Big Island Bound

    Movie Stop DBA

    I recently acquired a movie stop arcade game needing a dollar bill acceptor. does anyone know if a Nippon Conlux NB2-15A-400 would work?
  3. Big Island Bound

    newbie questions

    I have a motel placement lined up. I was thinking items such as what merch a vend has but I think I could get a better price at like you suggested, dollar stores or Walmart/sam's. I just noticed my multi pack of bar soap had that note printed on the individual boxes.
  4. Big Island Bound

    newbie questions

    just recently purchased and have placement for my first snack and soda machine but have some general knowledge questions. I apologize in advance if they’ve been asked before. 1. Does anyone have or have a link to get a simple location placement agreement form? 2. Does anyone know of a place to get pre-packaged wholesale toiletries like you see in some motel snack machines? (Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc) And , the reason for the previous question, 3. Are you allowed to add items in your vending machine with packaging that reads, “not for individual sale”? Thanks in advance
  5. Big Island Bound

    Vending Service Proposal (Full Line)

    I'm not seeing the form link never mind, I figured it out