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  1. DirtyHank

    Eagle pricing

    Sorry, but I cannot find a thread and I thought I saved the info but didn't....SMH Does anyone have the pricing that was posted not too long ago when you buy in quantities like 20+ and 50+ directly from them? thanks
  2. DirtyHank

    Where to purchase Plastic Stands for Cheap?

    where did you end up ordering from? How was the shipping?
  3. DirtyHank

    Should I buy these spirals?

    Have you gotten any of them placed yet? Great price!
  4. DirtyHank

    Scooby Doo Gumballs

    I like the idea of both of these. Have any luck with them yet?
  5. What about the locations you paid a commission to? Do you have to give them anything at tax time so they can claim the income?
  6. DirtyHank

    What are you selling?

    Spent the last week reading a lot of the older threads but would like to discuss what is "hot" or successful for you right now. What are your top 5 SKU that you are selling? Is it flat, GB, BB, 1", 2", candy, etc? I look forward to the discussion....
  7. DirtyHank

    Been out 10 years and have some questions...

    Bought 12 Eagle heads today and picking up 2 shootin hoops by Monday. Will be a week or two before I can get out and start placing. Y'all still having luck with shootin hoops and spirals?
  8. Are any of you expanding/building your route with new machines? I see that some of the manufactures are no longer making machines? I am looking to get into singles with gumballs and don't know where to go for machines. I don't mind looking for used deals to refurb as I go to grow, but would like to focus on building routes with a quality machine at a good price. Help would be appreciated. I look forward to contributing.