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  1. DirtyHank

    candy delivered via mail

    I get 90% of mine delivered from Sams. Never anything wrong with it, very convenient.
  2. DirtyHank


    Do you have any in Dallas that you want to sell?
  3. DirtyHank

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    Got 3 more this afternoon....leaves me needing 22 more by the end of the month!
  4. DirtyHank

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    3 more tonight, will deliver later this week. Got a busy week ahead of me to get back on track. Wanting to get 25 more placed by the end of the month.
  5. DirtyHank

    Where is everyone?

    it's sad
  6. DirtyHank

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    Two new locations today....tire shop and a manufacturer. Will place this week. Got a good feeling about this week. Everyone is optimistic about the new year and in a good mood, I will capitalize on that. Let me know how you do
  7. DirtyHank

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    Bought a single head Eagle off a guy today for $10 and double from another for $20. They will go in the pile that still needs to be cleaned. Got 10 more ready to go out on location, I just have to find homes for them this week.
  8. DirtyHank

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    Half are triples (Routemasters) and the other half are doubles (Oak/Eagles). Except for the burger place I ran today, it is a Shootin Hoops. BTW I am looking to buy all of the Shooting Hoops I can....Y'all let me know if you have any to sell
  9. DirtyHank

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    Ran a few this morning... BBQ $5.50 - 28 days barber $24.75 - 60 days burger $97.00 - 70 days
  10. DirtyHank

    Walmart question

    Does NEN also have rights to the tire and lube centers? The equipment out there is unidentified in my area but most of it is the same at all locations. They have a double with PMM and Skittles and a single head with Seedlings. Seems like it would be really easy to get some of those locations but wasn't sure about the contract. Do you see the same things in your area? Anyone placed some?
  11. DirtyHank

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    Serviced 15 after work today and here are the results.... 60 days since service Antique place $11 (machine was moved and buried in a bad spot) salon $21 salon $44 (issue with machine) should have been more 30 days since service car shop $27 auto center $6 salon $8 BBQ $25 barber $23 manufacturer $24 manufacturer $7 manufacturer $4 burger $33 salon $4 BBQ $7 oil change $20 interested in seeing some of your results....is this thing on....
  12. DirtyHank

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    Not much else to report so far this week. I did get 5 new locations delivered and set up today. Need more time in the day
  13. DirtyHank

    Just Starting Out For My Son

    very solid advice!
  14. DirtyHank

    NBVA Vegas show

    Planning on going. Will know for sure in a few weeks. Thanks for the info
  15. DirtyHank

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    Went out and serviced 10 this evening after work and here are the results. All 50 days since serviced and all double head machines. thrift shop $59 car accessories place $10.25 pizza place $76.75 oil change $44.25 bar and grill $59.50 Tortillaria $38.25 Wings $112.75 Bar $31.50 phone repair $8 chicken place 4.50 (this one was only 20 days) Anyone else have anything to share?