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  1. DirtyHank

    Locating Tips!

    what part of texas?
  2. DirtyHank

    NBVA Vegas show

    Who is planning on going in March? What can you share with someone attending for the 1st time? Do I need to attend all 3 days? March 26 - March 28, 2019 Las Vegas, NV thanks
  3. DirtyHank

    Gumball at sams club

    you have been a member here for 11 years and only have 19 posts. Please share more, no doubt you have learned a lot and have valuable knowledge. No pressure, just a request. thanks
  4. DirtyHank

    Best deal ever on a great machine!!

    is this for real?
  5. DirtyHank

    Based on your experience...

    Any new data here that you can share? I have been putting out doubles this week with GB/chiclets and GB/Skittles. I will let you know how they do in 30 days. Everything else is still getting GB/BB if there are kids.
  6. DirtyHank

    Eagle pricing

    Sorry, but I cannot find a thread and I thought I saved the info but didn't....SMH Does anyone have the pricing that was posted not too long ago when you buy in quantities like 20+ and 50+ directly from them? thanks
  7. DirtyHank

    Where to purchase Plastic Stands for Cheap?

    where did you end up ordering from? How was the shipping?
  8. DirtyHank

    Should I buy these spirals?

    Have you gotten any of them placed yet? Great price!
  9. DirtyHank

    Scooby Doo Gumballs

    I like the idea of both of these. Have any luck with them yet?
  10. What about the locations you paid a commission to? Do you have to give them anything at tax time so they can claim the income?
  11. DirtyHank

    What are you selling?

    Spent the last week reading a lot of the older threads but would like to discuss what is "hot" or successful for you right now. What are your top 5 SKU that you are selling? Is it flat, GB, BB, 1", 2", candy, etc? I look forward to the discussion....
  12. DirtyHank

    Been out 10 years and have some questions...

    Bought 12 Eagle heads today and picking up 2 shootin hoops by Monday. Will be a week or two before I can get out and start placing. Y'all still having luck with shootin hoops and spirals?
  13. Are any of you expanding/building your route with new machines? I see that some of the manufactures are no longer making machines? I am looking to get into singles with gumballs and don't know where to go for machines. I don't mind looking for used deals to refurb as I go to grow, but would like to focus on building routes with a quality machine at a good price. Help would be appreciated. I look forward to contributing.