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  1. I bought from him also. As advertised.
  2. What part of the world are you in?
  3. 90 days. Bouncy balls and 1" toys were out. Also sell GB, stickers, and tats there.
  4. Mix and bouncy balls are the only 1" I do and both do well.
  5. Serviced 2 locations today.... Café that had $250 in it. Went too long between servicing and 2 heads were out. 5 way rack. Salon that did $14 in 90 days, so again.
  6. I have poor performers, but I have long dates on what I am selling in those places. I will look to relocate them only when I unload all of the machines that are currently in my shop.
  7. I am looking at a route that has (50) 4 head uturns placed. What do you value that at?
  8. tattoos 3:1 over stickers in my machines
  9. This is funny... I have the exact opposite experience. I have had a few issues with my Eagle machines but never my triple route masters. But so far my Eagles produce way better per head. I am still putting together some data here.
  10. Wow, this month has turned into something I never expected. Work was out of control and put me way behind my goals. I have about 12 locations that we secured but have yet to place. Also haven't done any collections. The next 10 days are going to be crazy busy. have fun
  11. about what mine is
  12. change the gumball head to BB if he doesn't want gum
  13. they have been posted for a while...my bet is you can get them cheaper
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