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    Old video game machines...Worth anything?

    Check out the forums at arcade-museum.com. There is a huge collector community for old arcade games. Those CRT monitors are absolutely repairable and are very desirable on the collector market. Most of them absolutely do not get swapped for LCDs unless some clueless person gets ahold of them. LCDs kill the resale value and desirability on the collector market. If any of those CRTs work, they are likely worth $200 by themselves. The forum has a "for sale" section. Post what you have and your location. You will have some interest. Post them on Craigslist too. Those guys scour CL daily. If you were anywhere near south GA I'd already be on my way to take a look.
  2. TRI Amusements

    State specific licensing and tax info

    Does anyone have information on the laws for Georgia? I have seen people on here stating they have hundreds of machines in North and South Georgia so I am hoping someone can at least point us in the right direction. I am looking to start out in bulk vending in Georgia, but the information I have been able to find is so convoluted. I have seen some information saying that candy isn't taxed, and other information saying anything coming out of a vending machine is taxed, regardless of what it is.