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  1. Just do yourself a favor and bypass the ballast, remove the starter, and put in a direct wire LED bulb.
  2. Sorry I asked.... To follow up, after I swapped the lock, no issues. Must have just been a warn out lock. We'll roll with it for right now and save up for modeco.
  3. Thanks guys, tuning it with this procedure fixed it.
  4. Found this doing some searching, wsays genesis go-380, is it the same as my go-127? GO-380 coin acceptor tuning procedure: Tuning procedures – blue acceptor (1-nickel 2-dime 3-quarter 4-dollar) For tuning quarters: 1. With power on, slide the switch that is directly under the white connector down to set. 2. Press the small black button that is next to the display three times so the display is 03. 3. Insert 20 different quarters. Each should come out the front and generate a tone/beep. 4. Slide the switch up to start. Test by inse
  5. I know, I know. Its our last junky machine, but it was only 300.00 and even though the location isn't so great, it has more than paid for itself. Problem is, quarters drop right through to the coin return. I was told it was picky with some quarters, but then it became more frequent, and now barely accepts any. Is there a tuning process on these, or do I just need a new changer?
  6. If someone used tape and tried to pull their bill out after credit given.... on both machines in a row, would that cause it?
  7. To take the words out of AZ’s mouth, can’t you guys just get your own locations and do your own advertising? It’s a damn scam. Get with it! Ps this thread was started almost 2 years ago. Maybe start your own new one.
  8. 20 locks for 120.00 puts them about 6.00 each. LSI Depot has their cobra7 locks for 8.00 with a registered code and probably better material. If I rekey everything, I'll more than likely end up with cobra7's, or the abloy though they are more expensive. We are due on location today, last time I hid a piece of wrapper inside the door which will fall if it opens. I'll see if its still in place when I get there. I'll also bring a different lock in case mine is worn out. I'll report back my findings. Thanks for the info everyone!
  9. Restocked a location this afternoon. It tends to be a decent location. Acquired it about this same time last year. Immediately after we bought the location, we swapped in 2 new cores that matched the rest of out machines. Which aren't the most common vending locks, but they aren't your typical selectivend lock core or anything. We restock every 10 days or so. Not last time but the time before that, the T-handle was popped open on the snack machine. Nothing appeared to be missing and cash was on par with what we stocked (as per MDB reporting). We found it a little odd because my wif
  10. Ahhhh..... right... its vendnet equipment I forgot, my bad. Odd. All my GVC1's report cash. Wonder if it has to do more with different CC reader equipment though. I've got all Nayax on my stuff.
  11. The adjacent snack machine to my 3151 I could have sworn uses the F80, and it reports cash and credit sales.
  12. Sounds like you talked to someone more knowledgeable than the guy I talked to. Let me know what you find as that would allow me to "kit" that location and save a ton of hassle per week. I believe I have an early board though because I've got a red display and it doesn't have extended control board options. (so it is probably the most unlikely to ever report dex) Which is why I haven't bought a cable. But for me it would be totally worth it to have dex metrics even if I have to buy an updated board. Its a great location, machine works well, and being able to kit would save
  13. I know. This one was just not worth it. It was in rough shape physically, validator was acting up (vti junk) and had been limping on with a generic t-stat so the control board constantly flashed error (which looked terrible to customers and probably made them apprehensive to put money in) though the proprietary vti validator probably wouldn’t take their money anyway. Junk! replacement cooling decks run about 500.00 plus freight shipping. My location definitely benefited from a used futura which I bought from a local vending supplier for 2500 and is in mint condition. Sales have doubl
  14. Funny, I just got rid of one too. About time. Hated that machine. Compressor went out.
  15. If you can believe it, colorx car wax and elbow grease blended them into almost unnoticeable. Then followed up the entire machine with wizards mist and shine and it’s like brand new again. You have to look very very very close to even see the spots anymore. I’d be willing to bet more wax and elbow grease would make them disappear entirely. Now just have to hope no one uses harsh disinfectant on it again.
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