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  1. We are basically just starting out with cashless, Have 8 devices with them. So far they have been pretty ok. Decent support, and the one telemeter issue I had they covered under warranty. Its about a 50/50 shot if the telemeter will work out of the box, or if it will require a phone call to tech support. One thing that bugs me though is billing is one week behind. Like you get paid from your sales 1 week later. Which is really not a big deal. They did give me 100.00 off for each competitor set-up I traded in. I do like the yellow color, and the touch screen option. Plus the talking prompts are neat.
  2. Does Inone make an update board for the 3151 soda machine?
  3. Sometimes I feel like I know more about the machines than the employee at vendnet…. I am going to order a harness and try it. I'll update. Thanks! [11:09:23am] Martin: good Morning [11:09:41am] You Hello, Does the 3151 (cb700) report cash sales over dex? If so, what is the part number on the dex harness needed? [11:10:28am] Martin: let me research a minute or two [11:20:19am] Martin: hello [11:20:40am] You YES, THANKS [11:21:45am] Martin: a dex harness for this machine is part #4207902. [11:22:57am] Martin: With this machine it is a 50/50 chance that it might lock up. [11:23:14am] You lock up? [11:23:22am] Martin: it struggles getting a dex [11:23:43am] You ok, but if unplugged, it will go back to normal, correct? [11:24:17am] Martin: yes it will [11:25:16am] You I also have the revision 1 chip (non extended controls). If I change the chip to the extended version, will that give better chance at DEX working? [11:25:36am] Martin: it should plug in top right in P10 or P11. [11:25:52am] Martin: not sure if we have those chips [11:27:41am] Martin: my board repair guy says there is no chips available considering the age of the machine
  4. Follow up. Swapping telemeters and the problem stayed the same. I booted the machine up with telemeter plugged in and watched the red LED. As the telelmeter booted it turned on and slowly increased intensity. Once "insert card" showed up, the LED was lit. So I just adjusted the sensitivity screw with the telemeter running fully booted as per the machines manual, and problem solved. Very weird that it would need to be adjusted after just adding a telemeter, but its up and running now and vends 100% both cash and credit. Thanks!
  5. Yes, where are you? If your near me, and the machine cools, I'll give you 200.00 for it and come get it. You'll double your money. Problem solved.
  6. I do Chris, That is a good idea. I'll swap it with the snack machine next to it and see what happens. That one works fine.
  7. Has anyone ever had to re-adjust the drop sensor after installing a card reader? The machine works without it and vends 100%. Once installed the machine spins the motor but vends short of dropping product as it thinks an item has fallen and vend is complete. Thus taking customers money. Unplug the telemeter from MDB and it vends 100% again. I believe the added current consumption of the telemeter and the card reader throw off my adjustment on the drop sensor. Either that or a flaky power transformer. I didn't have time this morning, so I just disconnected the card reader. What do you guys think? Anyone ever run into this before? I'll be on location again tomorrow.
  8. Thanks for the info guys. will be on location this week to do it.
  9. Where to mount? Above display or below where coins enter? Which the mech would need to be removed to drill holes. Is there room?
  10. I prefer to call myself frugal Why not try and save yourself some money rather than give it to D&S or Capitol. They obviously make way more than I do. Not to mention having .bin files of EEPROMS, for when the replacement chips get discontinued would be helpful to everyone. Plus the 'right' person could analyse the .bin's and make software changes to fix bugs in machines' code on top of other things...Adding cashless..... like fine tuning your vending machine yourself.
  11. Though I don't have anything to contribute-as I don't have a programmer.... yet. I was wondering the same..... If we could start a database of the .bin files of each eeprom and just flash our own. The mini-pro is about the same cost of a single updated chip, and the replacement blank chips are sometimes pennies. Question of the legality/copyright of it though.
  12. Did it last February. In MN, I get cabin fever towards the end of winter...
  13. Exactly why I said the 3189 is "technically not" compatible..... No Virgin Goat Blood needed for me, thankfully, and the eprom was fine as is. My machines basically a 3151 inside a 3189 box. I found someone who was scrapping a 3151 and harvested pretty much all the wire harnesses, control board, display board, their mounts.... Had to fabricate my own adapter between the 3151 board and my 3189's motor harness..... But it works! Rather a big project trying to reverse engineer both machines inputs/outputs off the boards- though I am pretty OK with electronics. However, I wouldn't recommend anyone doing this unless they are comfortable. Still not sure if it was worth all the time and hassle vs just replacing the machine. PS the photo size limitation for uploading on here kinda stinks.
  14. WORD! In my dealings, any 3189 with the square button keypad is "not" (technically) compatible with a card reader.
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