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  1. Where do you guys buy your medeco or abloy keys and cylinders for the best price? I'm thinking about changing all ours over.
  2. Does anyone write down the numbers of keys for each of there machines? (or am I the only one?) That way if one gets lost or FUBAR, you can just order a replacement.
  3. There's one for sale in my area on craigslist that looks nice that I could use in one of my locations. Problem is it has those wild snack/Gatorade decals. Anyone know how had it would be to change them, or can they just be peeled off to show the black underneath? I don't think the wild colors would go over to good on location.
  4. Sad, I remember that happening when I was in High School to our snack machine. A few kids were going at it and then teachers closed it down. Generation X, even Millennials.... Don't get me started.
  5. Thanks guys for the info. Appreciate it!
  6. Wasn't gonna be the one to say it. Hope he didn't charge.
  7. The machine I'm considering replacing is a seaga combo with a machine like this.
  8. Looking into a new combo machine for one of our locations to replace a junky seaga. Space is limited, so two machines is out of the question. The location does pretty OK, not stellar, but could benefit from a newer/better machine. Do you guys like Crane Combo's? I see the 972 and the 780. Tough to work on/get parts for? Thoughts on this one on flea-bay.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Crane-Automatic-Products-972-Combo-Drink-Snack-Vending-Machine/333596583816?hash=item4dabe7e788:g:HHYAAOSw4Gdekibq Is there a revision door available for this machine to spiff it up and make it look more modern? Thanks!
  9. E-reader companies...... You had ONE job... set the equipment up correctly. Its almost a 50/50 shot if my equipment will work out of the box or if I need to make a phone call upon install. And it seems they're all the same. Good job getting them going. PS, I didn't know E-readers could be set up to interface to pulse. Which stands another question. You were obviously sent the correct MDB cabeling. Why would it be set to Pulse?... Whatever.
  10. Sure makes a person wonder whats really going on behind the scenes. And if anyone thinks for 1 second that the government gives two golpher's about the common citizen, well, I have some ocean front property in Arizona.
  11. Governor Goofy 2.0 (successor to goofy 1.0) just extended MN "Peace time" two more weeks. As if we haven't lost enough money. Swear they wont stop until we're all bankrupt and reliant on the government. Lucky I still have my full time job... At least for now. Though I have heard that some people they have laid off, are making more money off assistance than they made at work..... What's the motivation to return? I just don't get it. The great U.S.A is in some serious trouble if things don't change soon.
  12. But, why? Just to vandalize? If they are homeless, then stands to reason it was for the food inside right? Though it appears they left a decent portion of it behind. Why are people such idiots. I'm sorry. Like I said, I have two machines like that, both great machines. Total bummer.
  13. Question though, why did they leave so much product laying there? Did they just go for the cash?
  14. Man, that stinks. That's a nice snack machine too.
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