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  1. Yep, 3 cheeze its in a row customer got today. Should I change the board or drop sensors first?
  2. Heck yeah! Some of that stuff I do daily! My wife and I don’t have kids... yet, but we both agree that they won’t have devices until they have a job and can buy them themselves. to add to your list. Type in a BASIC program from a magazine, start a DOS game from a command prompt C:\, listen to record albums or cassette tapes.... or better yet, drive a manual trans.... the list goes on. growing up in the 90’s was amazing. We were the last generation with cook outs, respect, good music, and arcades. Plus MTV wasn’t filth kids now will never know.
  3. Have them try and fold a map.... Remember when those were free at the gas station? Or how about the Kings atlas. Man things have changed.
  4. Being born in 1986, I know exactly what you mean Chris. I used the new tech daily, but collect and restore the older tech as a hobby. (anyone have an Apple IIgs they want to sell?) Still wish we could go back though. People these days seem to rely on their devices and couldn't function without them. Making mindless zombies. It was a different time back then.
  5. I’m a collector of vintage tech computers and such. A floppy disk vending machine would be neat to me because it intersects the vending biz which I’m in as well as my hobby. However, I’m a nerd from the 90’s though there are lots of us, not a lot in both areas. what do you want for it? As a wall hanger in my pc repair shop (office). Because as a vending machine, like Az said, it’s worth nodda.
  6. Az, does the problem sound like a motor is not homing completely, as in, not making a full revolution, or whatever senses a full revolution has malfunctiond? Maybe a bad motor? Though like I said, I am not familiar with a 501e.
  7. Haha! Though I’m unfamiliar with this model, let’s give Maegan the benefit of the doubt.... cause as far as we know, she may be more mechanically inclined that most guys I know.
  8. It already is.... even before it’s purchased. Ugh.
  9. No errors as told by the control board. and drop sensors are in alignment also verified by control board diagnostics. I unplugged it and left it sit for a moment and rebooted it. If I have any other issues I think I’ll have to put a control board in it.
  10. Like stated..... NONE! Unless absolutely necessary due to space. I’ve been happy with my usi/wittern futura.
  11. Searching through the manual I find the control board is able to do some self tests. I'll run by them and report back. Have a feeling its a control board issue because i was told lightning struck very close by last week. So close that some equipment rebooted itself at the time. Pretty sure the cord has a surge protector built in on this machine though.
  12. Arrived to a note that someone bought cheese its and got a free bag of oreos. Totally different selections all together. Odd. Then another that said bought a candy bar and after it dropped, another dropped as well. Machine was working fine up to now. Anyone run into this before?
  13. Given that its a genesis (and their track record), even though it may be MDB, I would say no. But best to contact Nayax with the model number and possibly a serial number of the machine. can you post a picture of the connector of the current bill validator and we'll be able to tell if its MDB.
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