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  1. Hi Harry, We ended up trading the greenlight equipment into you for a credit on two new devices. Nayax gave 100.00 credit for each complete set. So that really helped out. Thanks!
  2. What error does it display when the door is opened?
  3. I apologize. You see I’m surrounded by so many people who get tested for a little cough. They test positive, and the spiral begins. Positive or not is anyone’s guess. You sure it wasn’t pneumonia? You see, the rules change so much from covid that I don’t believe anything anymore. Hell I trust Dr Pepper more than I trust dr faucci. And you love Minnesota? Wow. I used to. Dayton started my dislike, walz and ellison just continent my resentment. Believe me, if I didn’t have family roots, I’d be out of this state.
  4. Sorry AZ to have to disagree, but our constitutional "rights" as we know them.....Are gone. The plandemic covid-19 smashed them to pieces. (masks, social distancing, contact tracing, forced government shut downs, fees, regulations, forced immunization and needing papers to prove it [Nazi Germany]). Maybe its more prevalent in MN vs AZ, but I haven't been able to go out to eat in a restaurant since February last year (think of family owned restaurants). Kids are a year behind in school cause of some over-politicized "virus" in which every hospital who intakes someone who tests positive
  5. I understand what your saying, though Anything mill spec should be as ‘safe’ as anything store bought and made to military standards. By “building”. I mean nothing more than taking pre-manufactured parts and putting them together myself. No actual fabrication involved per say. Plus there are many good reasons to build your own. Which I won’t get into here. Anyhow, I’ll make sure to post pictures of parts and building process as I go along.
  6. I see I am able to enable it under Operations, Machines, and Payment Tab... Do you just only enable it for Credit Card, or do you do Monyx as well? Thoughts? PS, I already have the machine decals. Thanks.
  7. Yes, You read that right. I believe in the Second Ammendment, everyone should be able to hunt for food *and* defend themselves. So sorry if I offend any snowflakes (actually not sorry). If anyone has ever built their own AR15, what would you recommended. There are parts literally EVERYWHERE, many different brands! (and everyone says their stuff is the best) I have the lower already. I am more interested in long range accuracy rather than any sort of illegal building of anything more than semi-automatic. Must be mil-spec. Thanks!
  8. Thanks, kinda what I was thinking. So I passed. Not really my style anyway. The search continues.
  9. Looking into buying a pinball machine for at home game room. I found one nearby,. It’s an electro mechanical, Williams super flite. it’s complete, looks clean, play field is in pretty good shape, but the artwork on the sides needs some work. there also is a problem that the machine won’t eject the ball when credit is established, however it resets the score reels to 0.... probably a dirty switch or contact. However the owner doesn’t have the original manual/wiring diagram. How it became separated from the cabinet, is anyone’s guess. he is asking 650.00. Is that a fair price
  10. Also be aware that once I installed a CC reader, it made the drop sensor adjustment be too sensitive. Thus not allowing for a complete vend cycle and stealing customer money. Just know that you may have to adjust it once you hook up your telemeter.
  11. Been there, done that. Exactly what Chris said. Mine vends off CC no problem, but will only report CC sales, and not cash (over MDB) When I reached out to Vendnet to see if they had a solution, they mentioned a DEX cable (and gave apart number). However, they said it would be a 50/50 shot if the machine would report and even work correctly with the said DEX cable installed. I have not tired it yet. If you run a search, you will find my post. It wasn't too long ago.
  12. Thinking about buying this for having in the garage just to dispense cans of pop or beer if they fit on free vend. What do you guys know about it? Model? Reliability? Ease of repairs? Uses common parts (coin mech)? It would be neat to change the graphic to an American flag or something and just have it for personal use. Can I hang it on the wall, or is it strictly for setting on a shelf? Thanks!
  13. Has anoyone tried them? I mean, that's what I would buy from a vending machine, but we all know its not what I like. I can get a case of 12 at vistar for 9.14. That's .77 cents each. Sell at 1.50? Or is that too much? Thoughts?
  14. That explains why cost of scrap aluminum remains low.
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