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  1. I have a couple MAKA's that I took out of machines as I upgraded machines. I'll check to see if I have the number you list. Otherwise I know you can replaced the belts in these old validators. Plenty of videos on ebay. I cannot comment on upgrading a machine from a maka to a mars b/c the one I have tried, I couldn't get to accept bills no matter how I changed the dip switches.
  2. Yes, That would be one thing I would have to check to see what they would charge to have the machine placed there weather it be a flat fee like the vendors/food trucks or if they would want commission from vending machine sales. On the machine quality...... If you saw the type of people that frequent the place and they type of stands/buldings/sellers, any machine circa 1985 would fit in just fine.
  3. During the spring, summer, and fall months there is a large flea market/swappers meet/farmers market near my home. Its on Saturdays and Sundays all day. The thing is huge (providing decent weather). There is only maybe 1 or 2 stands (food trucks) that sell refreshments. I'm considering the idea of placing a small soda machine next to the ATM they have. For approximately 5 months a year, the thing would make a filling on weekends, but nothing during the week or the rest of the year. I could fill it every night since I live very close. Problem is vandalism (even though the machine will get emptied every night, thieves don't know that), however the ATM seems to never have issues (although it leaves when business closes at the end of fall and returns in spring when it opens). I suppose I could do that too and just leave the machine in my garage over the cold months. Part of me thinks terrible idea, but yet another part of me thinks, find a smaller old cheap can machine off craigslist that works and give it a shot. With as busy as it is on weekends, I could easily see 100.00 in profit over a 2 day span since everyone there has cash and all other vendors sell a cup of soda for 1.00-1.25. I could sell a can for 1.00 and make a killing. I donno. What are your thoughts? Anyone ever experiment at a location like this?
  4. Hey Chris, I have an older Vendo 511 next to it. Which takes up most of the allocated space. The 511 has been a solid machine and holds a TON of soda. Only had to replace a vend motor in the time I've had the account. Which was no big deal and easy for me. I believe the 511 is MDB, right?
  5. On the account, its a smaller account but soda sales average 100 a week with 150-200 during the summer. Snacks don't move too fast but they want both machines. They don't care the condition of the machines so long as they vend (in a dusty/ dirty workshop environment). There isn't a lot of room and the machine that is there is old, kinda getting damaged/run down, and having issues lately which is why it was up on my replacement list. As far as pulling out of snacks there and keeping soda, don't think that's an option as they would find someone else who would do both. Take the bad with the good. Which is why I don't want some extravagant machine, just something that works. Thought about a combo machine, but I just don't think that would hold enough soda (mt dew specifically) to last even a few days.
  6. Yes, it has both a coinco bill validator and a coinco coin mech. Darn, not MDB, but this location doesn't do enough to justify credit readers anyway. So thats probably not an issue.
  7. What would you pay for this machine? Second hand, has keys, needs cleaning, but works. Bill validator and Coin Mech included. Reason I ask is because one of my smaller accounts needs a new(er) snack machine than what is currently there. The one they have is a pile which I've never liked from day one, and this one would be a good fit for the location. Can anyone give me any details on this particular machine? The coin mech is a 24V so is it MDB for a possible future credit card reader? I'm thinking about offering 300 and seeing what they say.
  8. To my knowledge both machines side by side the bulbs seem to work OK with no flickering. The rest of the place has LED lighting throughout. Should I change the bulb in this one to LED? Thanks for the Reply.
  9. Anyone know why the prices on my USI-3160 randomly change to 1.00 on their own? Does it need a software update or something? They don't all change at once. Weekly someone will say they were overcharged for something so I set the price back and then next week it will be a different item.
  10. Million dollar question..... Does it freeze where you live? If so you'll need to install additional equipment to keep your sodas from exploding.
  11. Thanks guys, We have monster at other locations that sell decently. Red bull are small cans for the same price though, so I'm not sure if they would be willing to spend the money as Chris stated. The machine we own requires the shim, so we'd have to at least make enough in sales to pay for it. Otherwise, has anyone tried the 16oz cans of monster in the GO-127 vertical sections?.....
  12. Does anyone have luck selling Red Bull? I've got a machine at a location with a bunch of kids teenagers I think it may sell well. Sam's sells them by the case, do the math, costs 1.43 each. If I price them at 2.25, do you think they'll sell well. Next question, machine is a Genesis GO-127. I know, I know, but has anyone ever installed the redbull can shim in one of these? Is it very difficult? Looks like I could handle it. (See the link, about 3/4 of the way towards the bottom is the can adapter) https://genesisvendingmachineparts.weebly.com/
  13. I'm working with a company to add credit card readers and they need to know the software version of a USI-3184. How do I figure it out?
  14. I'll return there and change out the coin mech with a known good one next time I am there. Plus take a picture of the cable I have.
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