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  1. refer to the manual here. vendo-quick-vend-manual-264-312-345-407-475.pdf (vend-resource.com) check out page 37 and forward. pay attention to the sideways text. specifically pages 45 and 47 regarding the switch and sold out light.
  2. AZ, if he jumpered the t-stat wires together and the cooling deck turned on, wouldn't that make everything in the system (at least for that moment) working correctly? If the defrost t-stat were not good, jumpering the main t-stat would not turn on the compressor (if there are wired in series). Where did you get your new t-stat, and is it set correctly?
  3. Why is the exact change light lit? Seems like a motor is not at "home" or you have a bad switch.
  4. What’s the easiest way to change it? Out the back? Have a noisy one. Thanks!
  5. I’ll be the first to ask ... the perspective account is 3 hours from you?.... So a service call for a jammed bill takes you almost a full 8 hours to go clear and return home? better invest in some high capacity newer equipment with reliable coin mech and validator. Cause if your not prompt with service calls, the owners will be calling you to remove your equipment and you’ll be hauling it home for a garage beer cooler.
  6. Parts unit. Or sell it on craiglist for the first 100.00 and let it be someone elses headache.
  7. I did just that. 45.00 for a refurb/exchange. Thanks guys. Bummer it lasted just out of warranty, but whatever. Win some, Lose some.
  8. Anyone have one for sale that can be transferred to my account? I had one quit on me over the weekend. Just went dead. Swapping to adjacent machine and its definitely a bad telemeter. I bought it back in March or so of 2020, so I'm sure its just out of warranty. Ugh. LMK on here or through PM. Need to get it up and running soon. Thanks!
  9. Yes! What the heck? Like it all disappeared over night.
  10. Maybe I am thinking of an older model vendo. Is this one a stacker or serpentine?
  11. Get ready for your electric bills to skyrocket if you run that baby 24-7
  12. What kind of AMS snack machine? how about an mei mdb 27xx validator set to accept coupons rather than using tokens. https://www.dsvendinginc.com/c-66-coupons.aspx only thing is, I’m unsure if you can not allow regular cash acceptance going that route. How are the legalities regarding selling age restricted items compared to regular items?
  13. Ethan, I don't know you. You seem like a decent guy..... BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE, can you please use punctuation?
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