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  1. JoHawk

    Carts & Hand Trucks (dollys)

    Thanks for the tip. I'm not sure I found the cart you described, but there are several good options on Magliner. The 6 wheel hand truck you described is a bit elusive; not sure why. Do you know the approximate weight of the 6 wheel cart you suggested? Anyway, I appreciate your advice and will continue looking for it.
  2. JoHawk

    Carts & Hand Trucks (dollys)

    Thank you. I appreciate your input. I'm starting small but hope to grow the business. Your advice is appreciated.
  3. JoHawk

    Carts & Hand Trucks (dollys)

    Thanks for your comments. I'm starting small, as I assume most did in the early days of their business. Hopefully I can provide good customer service and grow into a real vendor someday. Until then, I still have to work within the limitations of the vehicles and equipment I have.
  4. If there a thread for this topic? What do you use to transport product from your auto to your machines? Looking for suggestions. Ideal cart/dolly would be collapsible (foldup), light weight and sturdy. Even better if it could hold (or lift) product to waist height to reduce bending when loading/unloading. Ideas?
  5. JoHawk

    InstaHealthy and Blint?

    VendingFanatic's original question was - "Has anyone on here signed up with InstaHealthy?? I have the same question. I see some responses and comments to the original question, but as far as I can tell, no one said they signed up with InstaHealthy. Does that mean the comments are just anecdotal, and not from actual experience with InstaHealthy?