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  1. rhiker

    Oak Double stand-New guy questions

    10 bucks to ship two packages.
  2. rhiker

    Oak Double stand-New guy questions

    Does one 54 oz bag fill the head? I just noticed that staples of all places has them for 7.99 not sure about shipping as they are not carried in stores.
  3. rhiker

    Oak Double stand-New guy questions

    The place has AC so that is not an issue but I agree that skittles might make more sense. I read that gumballs seem to out sell chicle gum most of the time. I assume with chicle gum I can use the same wheel as nuts or piece candy.
  4. rhiker

    Oak Double stand-New guy questions

    Thanks! Since I have side by side machines, what would you recommend to vend in the other machine, if I put gumballs in the other one?
  5. I purchased an OAK double $.25 Vending machine at an auction. I had to replace the locks but found 20 bucks in the machine which was about what I paid for the unit. I have a couple of questions. They had been selling raw peanuts and plain M&M's. The peanut side had all the money. They unit was in a bar so that makes sense. I am going to put this unit in our booth at an Antiques store and probably will not resell the unit, but I wanted to try to sell candy out of it. How do you handle the peanut allergy issue? I am probably looking to vend runts, skittles or PMM since they seem to be popular. I was intrigued by someone that mentioned an old A&W candy that seemed to vend well in adult locations. I think I want to stay away from gum. It I wanted to sell gumballs, I believe I would have to change out the rotating wheel at the bottom of the hopper? I have no clue what portions they were selling and I need to research how to adjust it so I am not giving out too much or too little. Am I missing anything? Thanks for the help! Mike