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  1. rollingtach

    Vending Spirals

    Ok thank you for the information. I have to find the most inexpensive place to get it with shipping..
  2. rollingtach

    Vending Spirals

    I'm looking to vend some instant soup bowl products in our office and not sure how deep the coils have to be with a package that is 3 inch deep. Would a 3 inch depth auger suffice or should it be more than that? The machine is a FSI 3114. Thank you .
  3. rollingtach

    DN501E help

    Is there a way to operate a column to completely sell out and not leave a few items after sold out? Just doing a local operation and wanted to see if I could better manage variety cases of a drink.Thanks
  4. Possibly one of the feed wires is breaking down or bad connection somewhere and can't supply the amount of current required by the compressor for a clean start. Voltage will look find when tested under such a condition.
  5. rollingtach

    501E wide column help

    I think I need both the Gold and Blue Cams. Now I just need to find a place where I can get them shipped reasonably.
  6. rollingtach

    501E wide column help

    The Poland Springs 23.7 is too tall of a bottle to double up ,so I was trying to take advantage of the offset stacking in the wide column to help me get more bottles loaded. It's a small volunteer run machine at work.
  7. rollingtach

    501E wide column help

    Just to add it now has the red/gray cam set. Would I continue to use the grey base came with a Gold or Blue?
  8. rollingtach

    501E wide column help

    I want to put a single column of tall bottles in the wide and want to know what cam I would need to get.The book indicates gold or blue. They look to be completely different outside of the color but both are supposed to do single or double. Any one have some good insight as to what i would want to use? Thank you.
  9. rollingtach

    501e Parts

    Where is the best place to get 6 can shims and rods for the narrows and shims that will do cans and 16.9 pet in the wide column? I had an order with betson but crane hasn’t shipped them in over a week and have no idea when they will.
  10. rollingtach

    Glass bottles

    I’ll just return them. I did see the plastic bottles on the shelf but they only had the glass in the case. I thought they would work since Crane tested them. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. rollingtach

    Glass bottles

    I saw a vend test report testing 16 oz glass but didn’t see much in the way of discussion on the forum. Was kind of concerned being glass but was hoping to see if someone had actually used it succesfully. I can see a double vend creating a mess but was hoping the rigidity of glass would help alleviate that.
  12. rollingtach

    Glass bottles

    We just bought a DN501e for our workplace. It has a Snapple front and we wanted to atleast sell 1 or 2 snapple products in it. I wanted to know if 16oz glass bottles are safe to vend in this machine in the narrows. If so are there any tips on setting it up. Thanks