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  1. Erica Finstad

    Trouble finding 16 oz cans

    No "account" is requiring 16 oz cans. Thanks, falls. H4U must have Wittern change the machine for the manual you linked to so it can hold the 16 oz cans. Having the 16-oz Monster and Rockstar drinks is helpful for some locations. And, yes, we'll probably end up getting a couple of 16-to-12 oz can converters for machines that don't want energy drinks. I guess I should have clarified my question - If anyone else out there has machines with a section for 16-oz-cans-only, are there any certain beverages you've found that fit there fine (e.g., some are a little over or under 16 oz) and sell well?
  2. We have machines that have two areas dedicated to "16 ounce cans only". And we're having trouble finding products to fill them. We know about Rockstar and Monster 16 oz cans, but not all sites want energy drinks. While searching I've found other cans that are a just a little larger or a little smaller than 16 oz, and I'm not sure if they'll work. Most of these I'd have to special order, so I don't want to buy them just to "try" them out. Does anyone have a list of cans that will fit this 16 oz can area? We have Wittern Healthier4U machines model 3589. Thank you!