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  1. So just a surge protector seems to be working for now, but thank you all for your help. If the data is stored in RAM, is it at least VRAM, or are you boned every time the power goes out?
  2. Got a location where something funky is going on. The pop machine blew its electronic lock, and won't take dollar bills, but the snack machine is the real problem. It's a Snack Shop 7600, and it keeps forgetting the price settings. People stick in money and make a selection, but it just flashes the "check selection price" light. So it eats their money. I will set everything up, test it, and 6 hours later it's forgotten again. Someone suggested that maybe there's a power issue, as the machine does share an outlet with a refrigerator. I don't understand how that would make it lose its memory. Do vending machines have coin batteries in them the same way arcade games do? If so, where?
  3. What do you have in there? We usually run the bottom rows with POP! figures, and stick really expensive stuff at the top, like a set of beatz headphones or an ipad or such.
  4. Hmm. Did you pop the opto unit out and clean that? That'd be the only other thing I can think of.
  5. I don't know about the 10, but was it updated to take the "new" fives? If it's been in there for years, that might be your problem.
  6. That's neat! A lot of paperwork, though. Maybe I'll make a spreadsheet...
  7. Newbie, still struggling with a lot of stuff. What are your guys' planograms like? The ones left for me have no amounts on them, and seem to be loosely followed at best. I'm trying to straighten things out a bit. I'm also confused about changing items. How do you guys work rotating stock into your machines and planograms? The order sheet left for me says to rotate certain CS, all LS, and all candy except for Peanut M+M's and Snickers. That seems hard to do and follow any kind of planogram with. Do you just put "Candy" and hope everything sells kind of the same? Do you rotate every order? It seems kind of often to rotate, but it does make noticing out of date stuff easier...
  8. This business used to operate under a different name before Cadillac bought it several years back. They also used to be a lot bigger, too. My guess is that it's a holdover from those days. As long as we can make $500 orders with Vistar, they deliver for free, so might as well keep using them. Unless they keep sticking old product on us. Where, "big box store", does one get pastry? We have a candy supplier who does general convenience store stuff, but they've never had pastry...
  9. Thanks flint! That makes me feel much more confident about giving them an earful. Luckily, we only ever get snickers and peanut M+Ms from vistar, and get the rest locally. But from now on I am totally checking the date of each package we get, and honestly, buying more at Sam's Club. They have no minimum order, we can check the dates when we get them, and the prices are actually better.
  10. Grr, I think Vistar beat the 30 day limit by two whole days. Still, not gonna order obscure stuff like pizza-cheese puffs from them again. Hmm, seems people can't decide on the pastry question. My guess is that our pastry locations do have enough sales in winter to support pastry, but in summer they're a little slow. I'm thinking of moving to longer life stuff for those locations. As to how I work for them? Cadillac Music has like 4 subsidiary companies under the main coin-op umbrella. With ATMs, Lending, Security, and Vending all under the same building, I guess the idea is to make the most of everyone's time. And as I'm not busy fixing pinball or arcade games, I've been assigned to vending. It's not a route that they could support two people on, but I guess it covers half a person well enough. If I ever figure out what I'm doing, anyways...
  11. Brand new to the vending world, and kind of have been dumped into it unexpectedly. A few basic expiration questions I have: What's the average waste you guys have per machine? Is it normal to pull a dozen or so chips per machine each time? What's the deal with pastry expiration? We do Ms. Freshley's, and it seems like the stuff is just fine beyond 30 days. I sure don't want to make anyone sick or anything, but can you stretch it to 45? Should you even be running pastry if you can't sell a half dozen of each kind in a machine in a month? Do you guys ever get chip product from your supplier that's dated out only 30 days? Vistar sent us a box of cheese curls that expire at the end of the month. That seems bullcrap to me, but I don't want to make a fuss if it's just something that happens and everyone lives with. Basic info: We have <20 locations, do snack and pop in most of them, snack only in a few. They get filled every two weeks, except for one nearby stop which is weekly. One stop exists only so we can do the neighboring building, which sells well. I don't own the business, I just work for the parent company.
  12. Hi everybody. Meekly poking my head in to see what's up here. I'm not a vending person. Strike that - I wasn't a vending person until two weeks ago. I was a pinball and arcade tech. About 14 days ago, my boss asked me to help with the vending side of the business a couple of days a week. Summer is slow for amusement, so I figured it couldn't hurt. I'd haul some pop around, big deal. Well, it quickly turned from helping out to "Guess what, you're running everything now". The previous vending woman, with 36 years in the business, has moved to another state. Her intended replacement ended up being a no-show. I got maybe 20 hours of training total, including visiting all our locations. I can fix a 1980 Bally solid state pinball in my sleep, but I barely know my LS from my elbow. I'm trying my best, but I have a million questions. Is it best to ask them here, or in the general food and drink section? I don't want to harass anyone, but I have no clue about so many things!
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