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  1. Small update, but an update none the less. I got my haircut today and saw a gumball machine in there. I asked the store manager after my haircut if I could place my candy box on the counter and he said yes! Another sold! Up to 8 now. Can't wait to get out next week and see how much they have made.
  2. Thank you everyone! Yes, my dad was the VP of sales for a fortune 500 company for 25 yrs and has so much to teach me. He just turned 60 and I feel like is in his prime on sales. It was amazing to see him place the boxes on the counter and say Im just going to leave it here and well return in a week or so to collect. Little things like that really help solidify the deal. He even got a corporate bike store locally. At this time, Id rather not disclose where I am located, but I can tell you it is the south =P. Want to ensure my business model is successful before that hope you understand. I am only placing the acrylic pink ribbon candy boxes at this time. Then my goal is to move into some gumball machines only. Then possibly window cleaning, just depends on how my numbers are calculated. My goal is 1200 boxes by next year. Call me crazy, but my dad and me selling and my mom and wife servicing I think we can make it work. I still have 10 more boxes left then need to order more. Want to run a test on these first to ensure the ROI is there for this area. I cant wait to show you my collection system I have thought of. Will explain more in a week or so.
  3. Ok, so I am brand new at this, but my dad had been doing it previously. He just moved to my town and we were able to go together. I had 7 boxes which we placed in 9 attempts. We did this in under 45 minutes. The first account wouldn't accept our box due to it being corporate. The 5th account wouldn't accept our box due to space (even though I placed it on the counter and showed them where it could sit). Either way, 7 out of 9 aint bad I don't think! Ill keep you posted on how much they make, etc as this journey continues. Meanwhile, wish me luck =P
  4. Nice score on the new location, cant wait to hear how it does for you!
  5. Anyone know where to get the 3 for $1 stickers to put on the acrylic candy honor boxes?
  6. Welcome to the forum. Lots of great info here! Glad to see new people getting into the industry.
  7. Would this change for Candy boxes vs Snack boxes? Im considering Candy boxes and have a goal of 7/10. Is that unrealistic?
  8. Thanks for sharing, i might have missed this somewhere along the way but are those numbers for 4 weeks? Also, what would you say is your avg Net?
  9. Welcome to the forum. You should try and post this in the "Amusement Section", you may have a better response than in here where its just a introduction to new members =). Good luck with your answer though.
  10. Matt, FYI, you posted this in the wrong section, this is the new member section. Not sure anyone here will be able to see your items for sale.
  11. Thank you for sending the link Hiker. Looks like there isn't one close by me and they wont ship. Regardless put in a fake zip and the prices are way to much per pack. Thanks again!
  12. Hiker, good info thanks for sharing. Did you happen to know how much the small bags of skittles were selling for?
  13. Dragon, I think we now know whos machines they are 😂 . On a more serious note, Gumball guy you do make valid points, and I respect that. Where I live its mostly Home Depot and then across is Lowes yet somehow they both stay in business and I would assume make good money.
  14. Nice welcome Chris. Hope you land those other 2!
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