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  1. VendingKingllc

    Ridiculous Competition

    Dragon, I think we now know whos machines they are 😂 . On a more serious note, Gumball guy you do make valid points, and I respect that. Where I live its mostly Home Depot and then across is Lowes yet somehow they both stay in business and I would assume make good money.
  2. VendingKingllc

    Good Morning!

    Nice welcome Chris. Hope you land those other 2!
  3. VendingKingllc

    Ridiculous Competition

    Man, after reading your post I became frustrated too. Honestly I cant determine if you should be mad at the location for allowing it, the other individual who put their machine there, or yourself for not selling in 6 heads =P hahaha. Regardless I dont think its right. Almost reminds me of fishing on a lake and your catching fish and another boat pulls up within 10 feet of you...
  4. VendingKingllc

    New to Honor Box Vending

    Nice, thanks for the follow-up! That equates to about $4/Box/Wk which is what I figured I would average around. Regardless sounds like your doing fairly well. Do you mind telling what "speech" your using to try and get locations? This has been worrying me, and I wonder what my success rate will be like. My dad was doing it and was able to land 8/10, but hes been in sales for 30+ years.
  5. VendingKingllc

    Premium gumballs?

    Appreciate the honest feedback everyone. Think I will stick with .25 and to make it easy just use the Sams club ones.
  6. VendingKingllc

    Dum Dum Lollipops for Candy Boxes? - Sale!

    Wow, simply amazing the knowledge base on here. I never would have thought about the wrappers falling off, but now that you bring it up I do remember as a kid always having that happen! Sam's club always trying to pull a fast one =P. Worked directly with them for 2 years, some things never change haha. I think I will stick with the tootsie pops. Appreciate the insight and advice!
  7. VendingKingllc

    Premium gumballs?

    Ok, so I have another question. Anyone ever tried selling "premium" gumballs? Unique flavors, etc. By doing this maybe you could charge .50 cents instead of .25? Wonder if the higher cost of the product would translate to more sales? If anyone has any experience on this lets hear how it went! Thanks
  8. VendingKingllc

    Happy to have joined the forums!

    Welcome to the forum, I am new as well and so far its been a great experience here! What type of machines did you have, like bulk candy gumball machines? How many did you have? Do you mind me asking why you got out of it? Thanks in advance!
  9. Has anyone ever used these for their Candy Boxes? Looks like Sam's Club is running a great sale on them which ends in 5 days. I am considering trying to use these. I think the best bet would be to mix these with some other bigger candies. I highly doubt these would be good alone, but if combined may work. Thoughts? Any advice is greatly appreciated. FYI, I plan to run .50cents or 3 for $1 on my boxes. https://www.samsclub.com/sams/dumdumslollipopsasst-1000-ct/prod18160451.ip?xid=hpg:shocking:3:2
  10. VendingKingllc

    New to Honor Box Vending

    So how is it going for you?
  11. VendingKingllc

    Scooby Doo Gumballs

    I would be Leary if adults would be turned off by them more so than traditional non marked gumballs. I guess if it were me I would do a trial and take 2 stores with relative same store sales and same type of location/audience each month, and switch one of them with these. Then see if you had an increase or decrease. It wont be 100% but may help.
  12. VendingKingllc

    Route Update (for those who care)

    Hope to find that near me as well! I often find myself walking into local stores checking all of the typical areas to see if there is bulk or honor boxes lying around. I haven't seen very many; however that could mean that they just said "NO" to the last guy
  13. VendingKingllc

    New Guy Here

    AMD, thanks. My goal is the small Acrylic Candy boxes even though I have read many people successful in the honor boxes with bigger items to me its just harder to manage and prepare. I have in my mind a really good system in place. Once i determine it works I will be sure to share it on this forum in the appropriate thread. My goal is to have somewhere around 2k by next July. My goal is to have my dad and I running sales all day long while my wife and my mom run route collections all day long. My system should allow them to have a driver and a "runner" and be able to collect ~75-100 boxes a day and likewise with us selling by having a driver and a "runner". The final piece is that my brother is certified within UPS logistics software and will help us optimize our routes accordingly each and every day. One thing that does scare me is the turnover. I have heard and read mixed results. I figure every year a 20% loss if I were to do no more selling whatsoever. I would imagine that would eventually plateau; however my biggest fear isn't losing accounts over time, its the fact that once you lost an account you will need to go further and further away from "home" in order to begin collecting. Five years from now if I were to do this full time I don't want to be driving 3 hours to collect hahaha. Unfortunately I think no matter how good service or friendships you make eventually you will get kicked out with just an honor box, which is why my plan B "backup plan" is to place Bulk in 5 of 10 locations. My thoughts are it may be harder for them to kick my honor box out if I am doing a great job on bulk in there as well. I could be completely wrong though! I also feel it would be an easier sale of asking for both. If they say they don't have the space then I can always take the bulk offering away and go honor box only or visa versa depending on where space is limited (counter vs floor). Part of me thinks that vending is rocket science; however I think if you want to be successful and good at it then its pretty darn close . I will be sure to follow Bhumphrey, the more I can learn the better!
  14. VendingKingllc

    New Machine Thoughts/Questions

    For point #2, you have read my mind! I think ill plan to only run Gumballs, Bouncy Balls, and occasionally skittles (heard they were also good for candy). My question now becomes am I better getting singles and just running gumballs, BB's or Skittles, or doubles and mix and match? I know you all wont be able to give me 100% accurate answers as it depends by account, location, customers, etc, but if you were to try and simply as much as possible what would your best thoughts be on this? Clearly in my eyes a single with gumballs only is the best, but I am also trying to maximize the most returns. Everyone else, thanks for the key info very good to know! I absolutely love this forum and the willingness to help each other. I think I learned more here than in college =P
  15. VendingKingllc

    New Machine Thoughts/Questions

    Wow thank you guys for the fast response and thorough info. Sounds like my thoughts were right that new Eagle is the way to go. I will give them a call and find out what they can offer a "newbie" =). ORSD, that is a very great point on the locks/keys. Are they hard to replace? I found some replacement locks on Amazon for about $5 a piece. Is that how you do it and just pop the old ones out?