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  1. Jacktrillson

    Problems with Vending Business

    Sorry, was in trouble. I am more interested in full line machines.
  2. Jacktrillson

    Problems with Vending Business

    Hi to all! Folks, I am 19 years old and want to start my first business with vending machines. I read many articles regarding high net cashflow from vending and thus have a burning desire to start one. The fact is I don't have acquintances with whom I could talk over the topic, so I really need your help and advice. First and foremost I would like to know your experience on that: - How long are/were you in a business? - Did you have a shortage of funds to start off? How did you cope with that? - Was it difficult to enlarge the business and how did you resolve it? - Does the business generate high profit? I am open to any discussion. And please, the more information you share the more you open my eyes. Thanks in advance!