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  1. Do you know if the CB300 is credit card capable? Beside the compressor issue, has it been a dependable machine?
  2. What combo machines would you recommend? From all I've read on here most seem not to like them, at least the Seaga's.
  3. @AZVendor, can you explain something to me about cams and caps? Looking at his configuration, he's using red cams with white caps, however, the white caps don't seem to be actually modifying the red cam as it's not creating or blocking any notches. In this case, does he actually need the white caps? What does the cap do for it if it's not modifying the cam? Honestly just curious.
  4. I have a Dixie Narco 522T. I am vending 16.9 oz bottles only one deep as the T model is not deep enough to do bottles two deep. Knowing this, can anyone direct me to what cams I should get and what setting? I've been told since I'm only doing bottles one deep, that I need two notches showing on the cam. Is this true? I'm so close to having this machine lined out, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. @lacanteenI have the 522T model. I was told that the 522T can't run bottles two deep, only one deep. I'm okay with running bottles one deep, but can you tell me what cams and caps I should need? Do I need the blue and gold pictured above? Currently I have a set of green cams and gold caps. I also have a set of white cams with no caps. Just need to know how many ridges or notches I need. @reedhuskey, are you able to run bottles two deep? I was told the E model was deeper than the T model.
  6. Thank you @AngryChrisI appreciate the information. I will look at the cams and see if the yellow will work over the white.
  7. Okay, I have the shims in, but I'm trying to load 16.9 oz bottles and something is clearly wrong. See pic below, the second bottle is supposed to lay cap to cap with the caps slightly over each other. But this machine doesn't look deep enough to load two of these bottles, and that's without a rear wall spacer. The second bottle is at quite an angle with the cap up in the air. Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong? Also, I have a pic of my new cams, I'm trying to do 16.9 oz bottles, how many ridges/valleys should be showing on my cam? 4 or 5?
  8. Hi @Joe101us, it is a 522 but I think it's a T model. I'm not sure. It is only six selection and all the column sizes appear to be the same. Here is a pic of my oscillator and back wall, the guy I bought it off of said it was selling 20 oz without any shims, but he gave me the kit to convert it to 16.9 oz or cans, however, I'm learning that kit is actually for a 501. The kit came with 8 plastic black waffle shims, which apparently wide columns need two on each side so that will only do two columns. The kit also came with 8 metal shims and rods, but those are for narrow columns which this machine doesn't have. If you do have the rear wall spacers that will work, I need five of them, thankfully it came with at least one. Let me know what you think and your price....
  9. I agree with what you're saying @AZVendor but I only paid $400 for the machine, I can get the cams and shims through D&S Vending for roughly $70 (I already have enough black plastic shims for two of the columns), and the cams are going for $1.25 a piece. Now the hard part is finding the rear wall spacer, but I have to think that a wide column rear wall spacer for a newer machine would work just as well? Can you think of any that might match?
  10. Okay, @Corvus Corax and @AZVendor, I went to the machine today to take some pics and try to install the shims. As a six selection machine, it appears that all columns have the oscillator bars, does that mean they're all wide columns? I took some pics of the oscillators and the columns stacks. If they are all technically wide columns, do I use the metal shims or the black plastic waffle shims? Also my cams, as I think there's something missing from them, lol. Shouldn't they have an adjustment plate on top of them?
  11. @AZVendor Do you still have parts for sell? I need rear wall spacers for my Dixie Narco 522 six selection machine. For some reason it only has one right now, I need five.
  12. Corvus, thank you for breaking it down for me like that. For the first time, I finally can see some light on the subject. Do I use only one shim per column on the narrow columns? I understand the black plastic ones are for the wide columns and I think they go two deep on each side. I can see what the rods are for now, you mention that they go in the middle hole on the narrow columns. Do I still need to install them in the rotator cups of the wide columns as well? Also, do I need to change any settings on my cams? Do I need to power down the machine?
  13. If anyone could break it down for me I would greatly appreciate it. I'm at my wits end. I have a Dixie Narco 522 built in 1996. Coke landscape, six selection machine. Here is what I have...I have 8 black plastic waffle shims that as I understand go into the wide column. Also I have 8 metal shims, and 8 metal rods. Why do I have so many for only a six selection machine? I understand that the rods go into the back of the cams but how do I see those holes? Also, what do the rods stick into on the other end of the column? Are there slots in the columns that the shims go into? Do they just set in the column loosely? Will I need to change the cams? Previous owner was told that the shim kit was all he needed by D&S Vending. I'm looking to learn as much as possible here.
  14. Hello AZVEndor!  As you can tell by my name I am a vending newbie.  I have Dixie Narco 522 that was manufactured in 96.  It is a six selection machine with a Coke front/landscape.

    I bought the machine from a local antique mall that was using it to vend 20 oz bottles.  I am desperately trying to convert it to the 16.9 oz and have the shim kit from D&S Vending in Cleveland OH.  

    My question is I have no idea how to install this kit and have had zero luck finding anything online or YouTube.  Can you guide me on how to complete this process?  Are there any videos out there that show this being done?  I am somewhat familiar with the lingo now after having done a ton of research, but I am still crazy confused.  

    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated and I am honestly willing to pay for it.  

    Thank you for all you do for this board, from what I have read you are a very helpful resource.  I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. AZVendor


      You might be better off contacting a vending repair technician who can show you how the parts are installed.  If you have the correct parts then you will learn how it's done and it will be money well spent.  Much better than YouTube.  Otherwise I can guide you with words but that is all.

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