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  1. 2020 Beaver Vending Machine Brochure View File This is the beaver 2020 vending machine brochure. Hopes this helps you find a quality machine Submitter jadebluecloud Submitted 03/23/2020 Category Vending Tools  
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    This is the beaver 2020 vending machine brochure. Hopes this helps you find a quality machine
  3. UTurn Parts Prices 2020 View File Just thought I would post the prices of UTurn parts as many people were wondering. Submitter jadebluecloud Submitted 12/31/2019 Category Supplier Price Lists  
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    Just thought I would post the prices of UTurn parts as many people were wondering.
  5. Hello, I got this machine for 200$ CAD and I cleaned it up and tested it out and I recently put a new coin-co 9300 series coin acceptor in it. There are certain problems and fixes I am dealing with. Its as follows: 1. (Coin Problem I believe) I found out when I filled the 3 pop machine stacks that the sold out lamps go away for those 3 pop selections. I filled the coin mech with quarters, nickles, dimes which should give me change for 1. 50 which I set the one price machine to. I put a toonie in and it pops out of the refund chute immediately. th8is happens with all the denominations I put in. The "use correct change" lamp is not on. Could this be a coin mech problem of a replay problem? I believe it could be a coin mech problem and it isn't tuned for canadian maybe. Do any of you have this problem? 2. (Upgrade the electrics) I am trying to find out if it is possible if there is a way to convert a 9 pin Jones plug system to a 6 pin MDB system. I am a hobbyist electronics person and I have faith that there is some way to do it. I have contacted my vending machine expert and he says he might have a 9 pin jones plug to MDB converter but he needs to get it from his supplier. Anyone done this upgrade before? Maybe some instructions could be good for me and the community? The instructions manual was hall to read as the electrical schematics were drawn in 1987. Do any of you have the same thing that you want to do to your machine? 3. (Replaced the refrigerator compressor) When I got the machine, I got the idea that the previous owner put this vending machine outside and left it there and didn't clean the machine at all when getting his money from it which peeves me off. This machine is old and could have worked a lot longer if it was cleaned, but now the plastic is cracked and there are scratched inside of it and the plastic inside box where the sold out lamps are located broke of the back side and cannot be sealed back on the front side of the machine because the clips are wore out from the old plastic. I might have to crazy glue them together temporarily. The compressor was shot when I tried turning it on for the first time and had to get a tech to install a new one. Now the refrigeration works. Did you have the same experience as my to your vending machine? 4. (Light bulbs) Anyone heard of 5 ft single pin fluorescent light bulbs. Apparently I could convert to led strips, but I need to do massive overhaul if I am going to do that. I cannot find the light bulb size on the market. Guess I will have to wait on this problem. Do you have lights in your vending machine? 5. (Dust/Dirt Control) As stated, the previous owner did not take care of the machine and so I am still cleaning the dirt and rust (vinegar + water mix spray bottle w/ tooth brush) to clean the machine. I noticed a big difference near the compressor as the dirt I though was rust, but came of to reveal a nice tone of black, but it takes way too much time. What do you guys clean your vending machines with? This is some of the problems and possible things I am doing right now. If you want more information, ill either try and reply to your comments, or you can just simply message me.
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