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  1. "Dallas," Ah, cool. Thanks for responding.
  2. Among other things, I liked the charity point you made, to not mess with commission. I'm now going to pitch the charity angle and last-ditch-rebutt with commission if other rebuttals still haven't worked and they haven't called the cops. The fun of optimism aside, I do agree it is important to prepare for the averages. Given how large my city is though, And my business goals, if it brings less than $15 I probably won't hesitate to relocate it until I'm receiving at least $15-$20 since a higher overall average is important to me and I at least somewhat believe in my quality lead generating abilities. Day 1 is certain to be a most interesting and fun conglomeration of everything I've gained from this forum and other articles (anyone else grow a collection of copy/pastings in the beginning?!). Since I'm currently wanting to create just another side stream of income, I'm fairly sure I'll like all that's required to run a small route and will only least like the locating aspect and lower than desired minimum returns. I have a truck, I'm mechanically and mathematically inclined. I did decide my first machine will be a 2 head, PM&M's and gumballs or PM&M's and whatever the location prefers, that should help with my minimum goal. And yeah, finding a used 2 head would be ideal. Your response has definitely helped me.
  3. Not sure if when I quote one thread on another it notifies it's author or not. Nrod7, I posted a question to what you said in this thread, seemed more relevant there. Thank you if you do get around to answering.
  4. Been reading a ton on this forum. I've copy/pasted a number of great tips that'll really help. This was said in another post. It seemed more relevant for it to be asked here. I greatly appreciate some of the tips and encouragement shared in this thread. https://vendiscuss.net/topic/32055-need-locator/?tab=comments#comment-266907 I have every intention of locating my first few locations on my own. I have basically 2 questions for you and anyone else who doesn't mind responding. 1. When out locating, do you still offer 30% each time, or do you vary it sometimes? I was planning on 20% but your logic on keeping the location is sound, I think I'll try 20% and then 25% if no luck. 2. Do you sometimes offer charity initially or even as a rebuttal? Even though I don't like in sales much, it's what I have the most experience in (I even did 3 solid months of cold-calling for Main Street Hub lol) and so I'm half actually looking forward to locating on my own lol most days. It'll also be a good personal challenge to not give up regardless of how long it takes to secure that first location. After running the #'s and reading, too many reasons not to do this. If this topic has already been discussed somewhere else, please throw me a Zelda. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** searchable keywords: what percentage profits to offer, cut, pitching, locating tips, advice, self, in person, securing, locations, nccf, script tips
  5. I didn't know of the NBVA until now so this thread was still very useful lol. And Sherlock made some truly helpful/insightful points.
  6. Very helpful. I've yet to find any words on this forum whether any permits/licenses are needed to bulk candy vend in Austin, TX. Any clue? Though this forum seems to have everything else I could ever want to know. Today I called the # on the 2 "vending machine" related forms I found and left a message. *** *** *** search tags: vending, Texas, local, fees
  7. Good to know the Mighty Mite Rocket isn't a bad machine option. It is eye-catching. Thank you Quik for the quality brands, glad I found this thread. Austin, Texas area here
  8. VB, you're a genius. I'm considering bulk candy as my very first machine... though now I'm also seriously considering condoms in 2" capsules thanks to you VB. What is your preferred supplier of condoms when planned parenthood begins to wonder why your pimp hand is so strong? Do you have a favorite brand of machine in general for 2" bulk vending that's proven its durability? I absolutely refuse Dad's suggestions today to get a "real job." I'm 30, my income already covers the bills, and I'm way happier being single and executing on business opportunities. Any insights are appreciated.
  9. You'll be relieved to know a veteran bulk vendor who's information I do trust says: " I’ve never had a problem with that (ants). As long as you have hard candy, the bugs seem not to like it." He uses skittles, gumballs, and reeses pieces mainly. Really good to know. He also bulk vends in Austin, my city, (and LA). Source: http://geniustypes.com/how_to_start_a_bulk_candy_vending_business_for_passive_income/ in one of his comment responses
  10. It would be neat to know what a machine of more than 2 or 3 heads could bring in a month. Are you referencing kickstartlocations.com? Today's quest: confirm if a food permit is needed in my city. Vendor's permit isn't, most thankfully.
  11. 2 in less than 7 days, way to hustle man, way to hustle. !! You've got me thinking of the convenience store just outside my neighborhood now. Machines: unless someone suggests otherwise, I plan to secure the first location and then purchase the machine. Lookin' at the 2 heads. Locating: hasn't begun yet. My plan is to begin within the next 2 weeks, possibly late this week.
  12. Well, whenever you go to check it next.. this is what I'd try.. If he ever says that, maybe say: "Ok, well how 'bout I cut you 20% every time I come to service the machines. They're probably keeping the waiting kids happy." Since 80% profits at a truly busy location would bring more money than receiving 100% sales at a slower one. And just bring a scale. Every quarter weighs exactly 0.200 ounces (or 0.2 ounces). So you really could count them quickly with a scale. Read that somewhere, it's brilliant. Wort case cheerios, if your in a bigger city, it's just a matter of time and effort before you'll have secured your 10th busy location. Done one at a time, like most everything else. just food for thought
  13. That is Awesome. !! So did you end up cutting the manager or owner a percentage? Definitely motivating man, I appreciate you sharing that.
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