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  1. I'm here, check every few days. I'm on a couple facebook vending pages that are a little more real time, it seems.
  2. Ok, which reseller are you talking about?
  3. Bj's is cheaper on 850 ct near me, might want to check them out. Free 3 month membership promo going on until tomorrow or the next day...
  4. Can anyone PM or email me the current Eagle price list or catalog? Sent an email to Eagle asking for it and have not heard back yet. Thanks!
  5. Small rack I put at my second location. It's a little food and beverage with a good amount. Gotta thank Rob and Kickstart for this one! Well on my way to my 10 "heads" (I count each mech as a head) on location per month goal. This makes 8.
  6. Mrshadetrees, that is the plan if I am ever about to lose a charity location. Got my second location today, a small rack (4 column sticker, 1 gumball head, 1 bouncy ball head) for commission at a convenience store. Dropping off tomorrow. Fingers crossed it goes well. Did you get any locations yet? What kind of machines do you have?
  7. Titandist you are correct that is what I ended up doing, just forgot to post that I did so. Thank you and The Crippler for your response!
  8. After he said I just dont have room, I pointed at a spot and said how about there? Then I kinda just had a silent standoff with him and waited until he said bring it in lets see if it will fit. It did fit, just barely. It was a little awkward but the machine is placed! I forgot to vaseline around the pipe stand for ants, but I am afraid if I go in he might tell me to take it with me...
  9. I just got my first location 2 days ago through Rodney. A tire and auto shop. The manager really didn't want the machine but I sort of convinced him to let me leave it. It is a small but VERY busy place, and there is only room for my machine in the office, literally. It is a double head with gumballs and skittles.
  10. Hi, Thanks for the welcome! I just started doing bulk. So far, I have a 2 double head A&A PN 095's that need refurbishing (I am working on that, almost done), 1 double LYPC / NW super 60 knock off (what junk, might just keep it for parts) A double Oak Astro ready to go on location, and a Small rack (4 column sticker on top, 2 NW Super 60's on bottom) ready to go on location. Really enjoying all aspects of the business so far, except locating. I am pounding away at locating when I have time, despite the rejections, and have hired a couple locators to work in zip codes where I am not.
  11. Hi, I have looked all over the forum for how to change the display cards on this Sticker / Tattoo machine. I can't find any info on it. I purchased this rack second hand so I don't have any instructions. The back seems completely sealed up by the sticker columns and the front has a welded lip all the way around the plexiglass. I am sure it is easy to do but I don't know how to do it and I don't want to break it. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Sorry about the glare in the picture, but it was dark. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi Everyone, I am new to vending and this forum. I decided to get into vending because I work offshore on Tugs and Supply Boats. Although the money is good, I am away from home for long stints of time and I have two young (2 years and 8 months old) boys who I want to see more often. The goal is to slowly build something so I can transition off the boats eventually. I have learned a ton from you guys already and I am really grateful this forum exists! Thank you all for having me. -Kenny
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