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  1. The new control board seemed to fix the issue. Now I am down to one motor that wont spin (my guess is a bad motor) and one can dispenser motor that only spins half way so you get the product on every other vend...... 🙄
  2. Thank you, I have purchased a new control board so hopefully that fixes that issue.
  3. So I recently purchased a Genesis Go380 for a small gym that we own and I realize after reading this forum that they are not the most reliable machines. However I have already made the investment so I would like to try and do my due diligence and get it to work properly. Everything seems to function correctly except for half of the motors? This is very sporadic because it doesn't seem to be a whole row they are in different spots. When I disconnect the wire to a working motor and hook it up to one that is not functioning it then works so I know the individual motors are not bad. It seems more like certain ones are not getting power but I am not sure if that means the mother board is bad, or the power supply or the connector board. Or perhaps something completely different that I am not even thinking of. I have also looked at all of the wires and they seem fine and have reseeded the connections on both ends multiple times. Any Ideas
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