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  1. Hello All, Happy Thanksgiving! I have made some good progress on my machine. A new set of belts made the bill acceptor work fine. I received a set of HD casters from Access Casters that I haven’t installed yet. I have the refer deck out to clean everything and I replaced the condenser fan motor since the wires were cracked. My current issues are that the inside of the unit has a rusted through spot on the right side floor. My guess is that it wasn’t level for a while and condensation and spilled product must have collected on that side. I’m looking for ideas on how to best repair it. It looks like I’ll have to build up a section to make sure that it drains to center. also, I need to either repair or replace the bottom section of the door gasket. It’s ripped where it must have stuck to the cabinet during leakage incidents... does anyone have one or can salvage me a piece big enough for the bottom? thanks so much for looking at my post and take care, John.
  2. I’ve checked my machine (1980 ish) DN 368 and the adjustable legs are 1/2”-13. I’ll look for the manual and see what I can find for a part number.
  3. Thanks! I’m looking for a distributor online now. Are they 1/2”-13 stem casters about 400#? I’ve found those online with reference to the DN 368 model for 75.00 plus shipping. As I get more familiar with this thing I’m wondering if the the evaporator fan runs constantly or is it also controlled by a thermostat? My wiring diagram on the door seems to have given up the ghost. Thanks again to all for the help! John
  4. Thanks guys! The Dearpark bottles don’t seem to be available in my area (Chicagoland). I’ll see what I can find that may have decent packaging. I’ll look for some 400#+ casters. When I use wheels on heavy equipment I usually crib the machine up on blocks and shims when located to level it and make it more rigid. This helps to take the weight off the wheels so they don’t take a set or crush the floor tiles.
  5. Thanks so much for the quick reply! My math says 1980! As for the column spacers, the cutout detents are there in the columns, but the spacers are missing. I’d like to figure how to get some or make something that will work. I’d like to be able to vend some bottles although I haven’t determined what’s available yet. I’ll also need to find some of the sold out lights. Two are flickering now. My Coinco Dex 9300 model 9370-S is working fine. The bill validator DN USA-15 seems to only work well after the cleaning sheet moistens the belts. I’d like to either see if I can rejuvenate the belts or replace them. Any chance I can take some of the cleaner sheets and put some thing on the spots that touch the belts that would give them a bit more traction? I’d like to be able to move the unit around. Everything in my shop is on wheels... I would crib it up to make it stable once located. It’s in an amateur racecar shop that’s not open to general public so I’m not as concerned about mischief. I’d like to see what capacity castors I need and see if anyone had some that they would like to part with. I’m in suburban Chicago. I need to clean the inside a bit more, there is some old soda goop on the center vending mechanisms. I’ve read here that mild TSP and warm water is good for that. Would you recommend that also? Thanks again for your time, I do appreciate any direction available. john
  6. Thanks for the add! I recently bought a DN 368 BE 7-up machine for use in my car shop. I have been reading your posts and am very happy to have found such a helpful group. I really appreciate the mentoring I’ve read about with folks getting into your business. The unit is very clean and seems to cool and vend well. The dollar validator is a DN USA-15. It took a while to get it to pull in the bills. I ordered a box of the waffle cleaners and it works well. I am concerned that the belts are a bit dry and am wondering if there is something I can put on them to tack them up a bit? The unit had the BE serial number suffix but I’m not certain which year that makes it. I would like to be able to vend the center racks for some plastic bottles but my machine doesn’t have the spacer bars. I’d like to see if I could buy some or fabricate something that will work. i would also like to see if I could get some casters for the unit and am wondering if it’s easier to source them locally than to try to buy a used set. Thanks so much for reading my post and I hope to learn some tricks to take care of my machine. John
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