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  1. I don't see any state decals on my competitors machines. Is it very common for people to avoid getting lincences and permits for machines? Im from Illinois.
  2. Old post but how did the coin shooters do? What are the pros and cons
  3. I was curious if anyone had alot of coin shooters on their route. What are the pros and cons of these machines? Is it smart to have them as the majority of your route? Very curious.
  4. What domain are you guys using these days? Still in business?
  5. Good thing about this forum is you don't get judged to often. I've asked a lot of dumb questions on here.
  6. Glad this topic came up. Cold seasons are slower and warmer seasons are way better. Depends on what state you live in though when it comes to weather. Learned this a month ago. Now I have a cold weather average per machine($$$) and a warm weather average.
  7. No shame in re-locating if you have a warranty. I honestly should of taken advantage of my warranty moves a little more wisely.
  8. Its been a year for the longest machine on my route. The mech has held up well. I sprayed the older ones down with a can of white lithium recently. Not that they needed it but I want to keep up with them out of good practice. The package prices are hard to beat and I know its getting hard to find parts for some of the older machine brands out there. It makes sense to me to stick with the brand. But for the other guys who like to fly with the Eagles and build with the Beavers, to each his own. Nothing against whatever machine helps feed your families.
  9. I like their all metal body, cheap price points for a brand new machine, and how easy it is to find replacement parts on the web. 30 machines and growing monthly. I haven't tried any other machines, kinda have that "if it aint broke don't fix it" system.
  10. I'm a Rhino fanboy honestly. These things are tough. I wouldn't go with any other machine, but thats just me.
  11. My mix and bb's do well too. I ordered a lot of different products to put in my machines to test the waters. The usual suspects are present in my order. Monkeyin around, mini malz, urban zees, micro sours, bok choy boy, etc. And I bought some pretty good rings and necklace sets and mustaches. I'm eager to see how they do. I'm hoping to hit $20 average on each machine but thats yet to be determined. Still going through the trial and error faze.
  12. Just curious, what machines are you using to vend 1080's
  13. They only seem to have experience in bulk candy aswell. I hardly see YouTube vendors make videos about sayyy sticker machines and toy machines. Kind of limited seeing how bulk vending can be vast in products.
  14. It is pretty lonely on this site sometimes lol. Alot of topics are searchable. I feel like vendors should still swing by for feedback on new products though.
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