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  1. Would you be able to PM me. I dont think my message is going through correctly
  2. Hey there.  I was asked to message in regards to a route I'm trying to sell in Chicago. You said you might know someone who may be interested. 

  3. I'd be able to come down on the price. I can reduce to $5000
  4. I have to edit my post and put nogotiable. I wanna give someone a fair price. This route has help me bring in a nice piece of side cash, and I know it can be a great add on to an existing route or get someone started.
  5. Wouldn't running the route with the person be the best proof? Anyone can fake some numbers
  6. 21 locations, 43 machines, 21 stands. I did a count to double check. 2 gumball machines, 3 triples, 16 doubles.
  7. These are rhinos. Not even a year old. I don't have documents to prove the earning but I'd be willing to do a collection with the person to show they do make a nice amount. The equipment cost about $10,000, so my asking price is way below what I paid my the equipment. Thanks for the speedy feedback
  8. 21 machines mostly doubles with a mystery mix and gumballs. I have a couple triple candy machines in the mix. Recently got a promotion so I don't have time to service them and I don't need the extra cash. Each machine averages 25 dollars per location a month. Will accept any advice on how to sell this route fast. Asking $7000 for the route.
  9. I don't see any state decals on my competitors machines. Is it very common for people to avoid getting lincences and permits for machines? Im from Illinois.
  10. Old post but how did the coin shooters do? What are the pros and cons
  11. I was curious if anyone had alot of coin shooters on their route. What are the pros and cons of these machines? Is it smart to have them as the majority of your route? Very curious.
  12. What domain are you guys using these days? Still in business?
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