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  1. If possible, I would like to revive this thread. I have two ealry 2000's P30 step vans that are near end of life. I have some analysis paralysis, I have looked at hundreds of options. What's everyone think, what do you use, what's ideal in your opinion? I'd like to include refrigeration this time if possible due to the summer months and chocolate... Photos are always great! Thank you
  2. Wondering if anyone has put a Crane Cora device on an AP113 with Revision Door from VE? I put two on and each ran into an issue where the screen on the vending machine was reading an amount of $2.00 and getting hung up after someone put a $1.00 bill in. This was an intermittent issue.. I am working with Crane and VE on this, just curious if anyone else has run into this? Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone, replaced the keypad yesterday and it worked great. Appreciate all the help!
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Just to confirm, the style handle your referring too is just the handle that opens the door? I promise im doing some research before I ask... Thanks for the quick reply. Just to confirm, the style handle your referring too is just the handle that opens the door? I promise im doing some research before I ask... thanks!
  5. Do you know the specific part # by any chance. I am seeing several similar models as you mentioned on various websites. Any direct links to where it can be purchased would be appreciated. I appreciate you all helping this newbie out!
  6. Ok- so If there both L handle models I should be ok? I think I’m going to order a new keypad and control board to be safe. At this point I should just get a whole new (or used) machine...
  7. So I swapped in another keypad, that didn't work. However I cant say for sure that was also a good keypad, it came from an old machine that had been pilfered already before I bought the business. I am thinking of ordering a new control board and keypad to be safe. Will a 3014A keypad work on the 3013, it looks the same to me..
  8. Hi, I have a 3013 that they keypad is no longer working. I checked all connections, coin mech and validator seem to be fine. I don think its the control board because the display is showing the message that is set up (Enjoy you snack!), not set up by me.... haha It was saying exact change only but that goes away. My question is, do you think its just the keypad or do you think it could be a control board issue? Trying to decided what to order. I have other 3013'2 but I don't want to start swapping potentially bad parts into good machines and cause more issues. Thanks in advance! Brendan
  9. I’m curious if anyone other thoughts on this are out there. As criminal activity evolves I’m curious if anyone has encountered any issues or taken an additional preventative steps? I’m willing to take the conversation offline as well. thanks!
  10. Is it possible to put it in "teaching" mode at the machine and fix there instead of bringing to someone?
  11. Good morning, I am new to the vending world. I left retail after 20 years and was able to purchase an company from the owner who is retiring after 43 years in the business. I look forward to learning more from this website! Thanks, Brendan
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