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  1. Looks like replacing the light above the machine fixed the issue! Thanks again!
  2. Sorry for the late reply here. I didn't get the normal notification on it. Anyway. I was having an issue for quite a while with the light being dim and going out in the machine. I replaced the ballast and "starter" in the machine and have not had an issue since. It would also have the front panel display random dollar amouns from time to time and you could hit the change return and get that amount to drop out in quarters. That issue was also fixed when I did the ballast and starter. There is an old refrigerator right next to the machine., and it is in a warehouse type setting where there are flourescnet lights, they are all about 8 feet above the machine but now that you mention it, I see one of them is burned out. I'll see if maintenance can replace the light(they won't let me do it) and see if the problem goes away. You guys are geniuses!
  3. Curious why this would happen. Randomly, the machine will vend, then spit out a bunch of quarters. For example. a person puts in $.50, selects an option, it vends, normally you hear a "clicking" sounds relating to it counting I assume. In this instance, it spits out, say $11 of quarters. Nothing else seems to malfunction. My machine is an old LektroVend VS99. I'd replace a part but what would I look to replace?
  4. I know it's been a while but I wanted to circle back on this and let you know I did wind up putting a new ballast and condenser/starter into the machine and it has worked flawlessly since! Cost was $20 for both pieces so well worth the fairly easy fix. The light doesn't go out anymore and the front panel doesn't want to give the money away. I know this machine isn't worth much, but it's just at my work, so very very low volume and worth keeping around for convenience sake. I very much appreciate those who chimed in to help out.
  5. Thank you! I'll be in touch with what I find out.
  6. Thanks much. The fluorescent in the machine is very dim and has bee since I bought it. That’s a good idea, I’ve been meaning to replace it anyway so maybe worth a shot if I can find one. The previous owner said he replaced it once and it only lasted for a short while before it went fine agai. So that’s why I never bothered with it.
  7. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help with a problem with my old Lektro vend VS99 machine. This is a low traffic unit I have at my work, maybe does $20/mo in sales. Recently, some days it comes up with random money amounts showing up on the screen, they will cycle through seemingly random amounts. If you hit the change button, it will spit out change. If I unplug it and plug it back in, it resets, I can also reset it by opening the door and pulling out the door switch button to reset it - basically a reboot. It will then function normally. I'm afraid I may need a new controller board, but wanted to check with someone who might know more about them before sticking any money into the machine. A new board will eat up almost a years worth of sales, so I don't really want to trash the machine for an easy part. If it is a board, is there any kind of online "junkyard" where a person could maybe buy used parts for one of these on the cheap? It works good other than this problem.
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