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  1. TNT Vending (Tammy) would be the person to talk too. Not sure why you wouldn't just buy some thru Sams on a monthly payment. Sending you her phone via message.
  2. We come up with large comanies wanting to do background checks on route drivers servicing their accounts. Just wondering if you do them or how you handle the request.
  3. Poplady1

    Best managing software?

    Did I miss something. $6 a month with 100 units is $600 a month (not $6000) or were you thinking annual cost. It still seems worth it to me. If you talk to Zachary at Dependable Vending he can tell you whether it would work with 100 units. Message me if you want to talk to him. He was a featured speaker at NAMA last year. He has taken that company from one of many independent companies in California to one of the top 3 in the State. I know he also does consulting but he wouldn't charge just to discuss this topic.
  4. What are you needing them for? I do know someone ion Dallas.
  5. Poplady1

    LA Coliseum

    Back in March Blue Moose Vending Mgt solicited the Coliseum. After lots of presale stuff we finally got a meeting and we sent one of our Canteen Franchise Vendors. It looked like a go. They were very excited. So were we! The contract was sent and months went by, silence then the emails started coming with all of the paperwork, requirements, tax forms and insurance upgrades needed, stunning amount. It seemed like one thing and then another. They would give the vendor the go ahead, setup a date and as the truck was leaving the parking lot, 3 times they called to put it off. We really lost our enthusiasm! Finally the contract is signed, received and the machines are being setup. Ends up the problem was the current operator would not pickup their equipment. They just kept filling them. Finally the staff unplugged them and turned them around. It was a long road here but we made it.
  6. Poplady1

    Micro Market

    I work with a lot of vendors installing micromarkets. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Office breakrooms seems to do well, large open floors seem to do poorly. Many use http://www.parlevelsystems.com/micro-market/ You might start there with your research. Good luck and hope it is a homerun for you!
  7. Poplady1

    Kick Start

    I agree.
  8. Poplady1


    Are you trying to drill out the lock. Just get a metal drill bit and drill it out. Get rid of those wire and whatever the bolt is...
  9. Considering the time you would use stocking, shopping, cleaning, checking change and small fixes, I would try to find a local vending company to handle it and get commission.
  10. Poplady1

    Mounting cc reader

    These photos are really helpful, thanks for taking the time.
  11. Poplady1

    National 145 validator upgrade

    I always called Vendors Exchange in Cleveland, the tech's would pack up what you needed, ship it to you and walk you through installation when you received it. They also used to give credit on the exchange for the used one but that one might not bring much. Although both vendors above know what they are talking about too...
  12. There is a certain amount of saturation for sure. Just don't give anyone upfront money on drink snack stops. You need to visit them, talk to the management, discuss products, pricing, seer the location of the machine and if they bring it up commission. Then once everyone is okay, you have a signed agreement or a installation date you can put the fee on deposit with the understanding it will be refunded if something prevents installation. We work with established vending operators because they don't have the time and they don't want to add another employee (taxes and insurance) so they work with management companies to build some of their route or they buy routes. You have to keep growing in this business because accounts close, another company offers lower pricing or some other gadget you don't support and they switch (even if service is 5 star). Vending is like any business, lots of work but it is yours!
  13. Poplady1

    office deli, pop error. does not dispense

    There is probably an online manual. Start by reading the whole manual and then try fixing it. If I remember they are pretty straight forward.
  14. Poplady1

    Started with an Ice Cream shop

    Welcome and good luck.
  15. Poplady1

    Newest equipment

    They are really pushing the snack and beverage combo in some areas.