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  1. I have some vendors doing Staples and they say they are good.
  2. Looking back at my records looks like $17,700 is the average out of 5 of them. If you have a large Asian population it will be around 30% of that figure.
  3. There are several you tube videos on dollar bill validator maintance. Try some of those for some help.
  4. Do you somehow mark the machine with a inventory number or something to prove you own them? I had a friend with over 2000 out and he was always losing equipment.
  5. We do a lot with Walmart. Like Performa said sometimes the auto management allows the charity machines. It is always worth a chance to just ask them. When it comes to other vending it is tightly controlled.
  6. Hi Jackie, which part of Orange County are you in? There a couple of machine dealers near you that you could go meet and check out their equipment. Westway Sales, Ross Vending and of coure the largest with the biggest selection is Vending World in Rancho Cucamonga. I do not get any commission from any equipment wholesaler. But these 3 have a good reputation. Most vendors in Orange or LA expect to get $50 a week on a full size machine. Certainly there are many locations that do less than that and I am sure you will have some that do worse or better. My advice is put the machines out, check their 3 month average. Those performing under your set amount, move them. If you decide to work with a locator, do not give them any up front money. It is fine to sign up with them but do not give them any deposits. If they have a location for you, visit it and talk to the management. Be sure you click, feel comfortable with them. Then buy the machine that works for them. Before even doing that show them a photo of the equipment you are willing to offer, get a installation agreement signed (I can send you a sample form) then go buy the machine. Get a mover with liability insurance. I know if you purchase from any of the 3 companies I listed they will help you set up the equipment. If you have problems later on, they will respond and help. When you have your first account (especially if you offer a snack) go to Vistar, Sams or Costco and take a photo the the boxes that offer variety packs. Try to use as many items from those packs as you can because snacks will stale date on you. So buying big boxes won't work until you get several machines out. No so much a problem on drinks but be sure to buy the items with the longest expiration dates. So check each one. Good Luck. Blue Moose
  7. I would pass on this one too.
  8. I have seen a lot of routes being sold on your local Craigs List. You might post it there.
  9. If you are in the Long Beach area looking for a drink only account there is a nice high occupancy Motel wanting just a drink machine. No commission. Free, message us. Blue Moose
  10. I want to be sure you understand we are not talking teachers lounge accounts. The schools would be middle schools to high schools. Equipment available to students with 100% healthy or if mixed with National best sellers only on 30 minutes after last bell and turned off again 30 minutes before first bell. These accounts are very good still and some districts are open to it and others are not. If you should consider teachers lounge accounts avoid all Elementary schools and any with less then 120 teachers.
  11. I suggest you talk to TNT Vending in Texas. Tammy has a wealth of information.
  12. If any of you would like to work in full line expansion, message me. We receive on average 25 to 30 vending companies wanting to expand their business each month. I have permission from most of them to pass on their contact information if you have time to help them. Most are independent with drink snack coffee and food setups. No New York, Arizonia or Florida requests. We are not looking to hire for Blue Moose. We are turning over these contacts because we are sold out and can't help. I understand Nuage is out of business and they left behind a bunch of good clients.
  13. We have a client with a location out of our territory in Oakland CA. Very nice size and wanting just drinks and snacks. No healthy requirement and no commission. We handle 6 of their Southern Ca Locations. Drink and snacks average $1000 a month (not each) Message me if interested.
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