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  1. Poplady1

    Queston, should I set this account.

    My vendor did and its okay, not grand but worth keeping as per him.
  2. Juat wondering if it might be helpful to ask about accounts that come up. This might help new vendors learn what to look for when meeting with accounts,. What are you considerations. Of course, I love hearing what vendors think about on a visit too. There are no wrong questions. Very large building 28 plus floors just off the expressway in Downtown Dallas. 800 plus people in and out daily. Also connected to a large hotel via a hallway from their main lobby. They have elevators in the parking garage that come almost to the machines. Unloading area good for 1hr. They rent out temp office space on the first 2 floors to hotel guests. The rest are offices and condo's. They want a nice drink and snack. Custom front with the name of the building on the drink and the snack with the towers name decaled inside the snack on the glass. Also credit card readers. What do you think?
  3. Poplady1


    I hired one of our best friends when she was down and out, should have known. It wasn't a good experience. Glad when she left and almost had a party. Remember when people handle money it gets tempting to take just a little here and there. They don't realize the impact. I have 5 vendors now that have grown needing to hire another driver. They are finding out they need to train 3 to get one to stay. I also had a vendor that loved her driver but she was having trouble making ends meet. I encouraged her to go out one night and do the dollar test. Sure enough each machine was short by 4 to 7 bucks each. TKK I can appreciate wanting to be sure someone knows the business if you are hurt or down for a couple of months. Just keep a close on eye them friend or not.
  4. Poplady1


    I agree you may want to keep as much control as possible in your hands. We hired an experienced manager once we had lots of vehicles and employees. In the end it was the worst move we made as he almost got us into lots of trouble between theft, lies and making extra money turning over our accounts to other vendors when they could have been saved by fixing the problem, if we had known about it. So listen to these guys and be sure you need to do it before making an error.
  5. Poplady1

    Happy to have joined the forums!

    Welcome, glad you found this forum.
  6. Poplady1

    Micro Markets

    Chris you might do them now they have a smaller setup. http://www.parlevelsystems.com/micro-market-mini-2/ One of my vending companies (mid-size) is focusing on office accounts with a breakroom and employee count from 80 to 125. He says those are easier to find and he sets-up a smaller market. He told me he converted some of his existing accounts from drink snack to smaller market. According to his email it went from a 100 bucks a week to double. He puts in two racks, a couple micro-wave, 1 bottle drop drink machine set on free vend and one cooler for food. You can findf the racks and coolers on Craigs List. Just something to think about that might open a new revenue stream
  7. Poplady1

    Micro Markets

    It is part of the beverage and snack platform. Right now we have several vendors setting them up. Probably lots of questions for anyone considering doing their first one, 2nd or 3rd one. We have learned a lot since we started offering them which might help vendors. I just bid on one serving one of those office for rent locations where people can only use the place as needed, we got the bid so now we wait to see how it did.
  8. Poplady1

    Lost my Coke Machine only KEY..""HELP!!

    You can drill it open and replace it unless you had a high security lock installed.
  9. Poplady1

    Elementary School break rooms

    In many years of vending have never had one or heard of one doing any type of money.
  10. Poplady1

    Anyone familiar with LEKTRO-VEND?

    Just curious would Vendors Exchange International still have parts for this machine? It looks good and the price is right?
  11. Poplady1

    Regional Airport

    You really want to do a tour. It matters where the machines will go public or workers. Or possibily both. Certainly worth a try unless they want a bunch of machines.
  12. Poplady1

    Large Hospital in St Joseph County Michigan

    When I ran my company we purchased a group of auto dealers like this with new machines and it worked out very very well for us. Lets say 15 machines $2000 each $30K. Based on a min weekly income of $50 per machine with a 5 year contract $180,000. Just a guess.
  13. Maybe what you are wanting to do is be a silent "partner" by investing in an existing vending company. Check local business listings or just call some local vending companies. Talk to them. I imagine there are some wanting to grow. Be sure to do your due deligence.
  14. Poplady1

    You guessed it, I'm new to vending =)

    You can also sign up for a free Subscription of Automatic Magazine in digtial or hard copy. Vending Times is another good resource.
  15. Poplady1

    You guessed it, I'm new to vending =)

    I recommend purchasing a book on vending. Entreperneur does current series on the subject. Here is a link to one of their books in the series. Also its only $9 for the ebook. https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=rSSCfvenyVQC&source=productsearch&utm_source=HA_Desktop_US&utm_medium=SEM&utm_campaign=PLA&pcampaignid=MKTAD0930BO1&gclid=CjwKCAjw-dXaBRAEEiwAbwCi5kTUIzpG5qKRnip-JMrNTtZ-Jdat0IZzq2-J9LPDODfSn0TKT79pBRoCjAMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CKKjsdfftdwCFZJqAQodaiAO5g