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  1. Welcome to the forum. AZ gave you great advice on the healthy vending franchises. Avoid them. Vending is a lot of work but you can build a solid business. Take your time. Good luck. Blue Moose
  2. This question comes up now and then. Yesterday we heard it twice. We believe it is best to start your new vending business by buying a small route for sale in your area. Some of the advantages would be 1) Having someone to answer your questions 2) Having someone wanting you to succeed 3) Learning the equipment by having a expert in your pocket 4) Learning how to read accounts 5) Counting cars in the parking lot is not your best bet 6) Learning the local price zones based on the type of equipment you have offered "Newer equipment brings in a little higher prices" 7) Yes you can charge anything you want on your products, you own the business. Of course, as you lose those accounts to telemarkets offering more realistic local pricing you will be a little more business like in the future. Pricing is easier for your customers to take if you explain a recent price hike by a bottler or candy supplier. If you are going to do it, do it to all with the same notice. A two week noitce or a month/ Read the free information offered by NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Assoc,) Get a free subscription to Automatic Merchandising (either direct to your home via print copy or on line to your email.
  3. I know this company and until they made these changes they were okay. They have designed the operation after Nuage which recently folded. NUAGE was great. they employed prison telemarketers and sold hours instead of leads. Whatever they came up with in 15 hours of telemarketing was yours to do with as you wanted. Many of the larger vending companies were using them and were satisfied with results. It ran about $1500 for those hours. Problem was you really had no idea if they really did call those hours but no one complained if they got a couple of solid accounts. Not sure what did them in except once the word gets out that you do produce the phones ring off the hooks. They probably collected more money upfront then they had staff to do the actual work. I do know there are a couple of other companies that also produce but there is an agreement that no one will put their names out online because they will also get swamped. I am thinking many of you never heard of Nuage until they were gone, At Blue Moose we also get calls every day from Vendors wanting some help. Every once in awhile we can find some time to help but that is rare. I am not saying this to discourage you but to caution you not to pay upfront on drink-snack setups unless you are purchasing telemarketing call hours. Upfront Deposits do seem necessary on bulk. Drink and snack is another thing. There are those National Accounts companies. Best Vendors, Universal, Wittern (who I had luck with) They normally don't take your money but they can make it hard to meet their requirements. We work in a specific area with vendors we have had on board for most of 14 years. So we know when contracts are coming up and we know which vending company is best postioned to take on larger accounts. We recently had a Property Management Company approach us with 150 commercial buildings and apartments in LA. They wanted one vending company with remote monitoring so they could request checks on their time schedule, spot machines with low product and equipment failures. What do you think the odds were of finding that needle in a haystack. Well lightning struck and we had the perfect company. A week later Chaffey School District contacted us to bid on their new vending schedule. Just 47 machines in all middle school and high school which was doable. Lightning struck again and we selected the perfect company. I read comments from members on this board that placement companies, locating companies and management companies are just in it to take your money. I can only speak for Blue Moose. We work very hard on difficult accounts. We work alongside our vendors to make sure they get the best contracts or agreements. Maybe we work with vendors able to perform miracles or maybe it comes down to common sense, hard work and fair payment for hard work. I have read comments on here that we are expensive. That remark did not come from one of our vending companies that work at our level. As one of our vendors has said "I don't mind writing a $5000, $8000, $10000, $30000 or more on a check if at the end of 3 to 5 years the account brings in from $90000 to $425,000"
  4. I received my 4 inquiry from companies wanting these machines. Today from a large artist community in San Diego. I guess this is the new thing. If you are placing them out in the market, any feedback. https://www.respectmyregion.com/wemp-cbd-vending-machine/
  5. Also Blue Moose has the great fortune of hiring a couple more retired vending operators. We can take on some more work in SCal.
  6. I have to say something here. If a company has been in this business for 25 Years and does not have dozens and dozens of complaints or threats, they are doing well. I don't care what you are placing from games, gumballs, drinks, snacks, it is hard to do. I have spoken to Steve at Quality more than once about locations that are way outside of our territory. They have never ever been anything but honest as well as professional with me. No money has ever changed hands so this is not about that but we have sent them inquiries from our campaigns. They cover a much larger portion of the country. If a business contacts us in Alabama, then we try to connect them with a company that can help them. We just don't have the time to call up all of the vending companies in their area to see if they want to talk to that account, then fill out our form, etc. If you are a vendor with less then 10 years experience running routes then don't think a locating company is going to hand you an airport, a 99 floor Hilton with 200 employees, 300 emp mfg company wanting a full bank of machines with water service and free coffee. We do not send in a vendor for a 150 and up blue collar employee account without the following: Letters of reference from a min. of 5 accounts with matching employee counts or similar setups Insurance for your company (and Workers Comp) for at min. 5 mill CSL Uniformed route drivers Trucks with your company name Bonded employees Drug tested employees We fortunately do have several vending companies that meet those requirements in Southern California and DFW. But we also have independent vendors looking for accounts too. A traditional drink and snack setup in a 85 mfg plant still does well and is worth our fee plus cost of the equipment. We always recommend insurance and a couple of letters of reference but for just a drink-snack it isn't asked for by the companies. This past week we finally closed another 47 machine account in California that has taken us years to finally land. The vending company is very happy and we are very happy. That does not happen every day. We also acquired a contract with a commercial property management company that has 150 locations through out LA county and Orange Cty. They want the same vending company to handle all of their properties with remote monitoring machines so they can order their commission checks when they want with the proper reporting. At first it was too much to comprehend but one of our Canteen Franchise companies has stepped up and we start placing machines this week. They have given us 3 months to complete task. Now what we have done is ask if in the appropriate accounts we can place some gumball machines, 3 head units, etc. They said sure as long as they are not at risk for any theft or VMM. Our next step is calling a company like Quality or another representing that market. They can have this and if they get any larger accounts in DFW or Southern California we would like to hear from them. I have always said do not give any upfront deposits. I am referring to full line or full size machines. After reading what Pete said above it seems clear they can't work that many hours for a $50 bulk machine. I am sure they work hard trying to please their clients. There are some sleaze balls out there. Just be careful and always continue to find locations on your own. Just continue with your forward thinking. Blue Moose Bev
  7. If your items are priced that high you might want to use credit cards. If the machine is able to have them. AZ will know.
  8. Fada These are not the way to go. I can connect you to several people that purchased this stuff and now have them on Craigs List or ebay trying to get pennies on the dollar for the machines. Not sure where you are located but you can email me or call 888-802-1410. I will give you a list of vendors to talk with about these healthy offers. No one here has any reason to mislead you. I do not sell routes or equipment.
  9. Jerrry he was a sales man for a product sold in 3 States. He carried his product in his car and when he toured those states he serviced the equipment.
  10. I have some vendors doing Staples and they say they are good.
  11. Looking back at my records looks like $17,700 is the average out of 5 of them. If you have a large Asian population it will be around 30% of that figure.
  12. There are several you tube videos on dollar bill validator maintance. Try some of those for some help.
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