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  1. Poplady1

    Custom Graphics

    Very nice and fun.
  2. Poplady1

    Help me value the business

    I think you are going to be in the $250,000 range. There are too many employees for this route. You need to cut but before doing that (if you purchase) wait until you see who is the best. Be prepared to change locks. Good luck whatever you do.
  3. We bought a lot of Botters off asset machines. They would give us paperwork stating it was sold to us. Randy at Vending World sold us atleast 100 one year. He would put them on a pallet, strap them down and pack them in a RR car. The trucker would pick them up at the terminal in the same car they were shipped in. Most were Pepsi. Then we started getting them from the Pepsi bottler in Indy. I was shocked at how nice the machines were on arrival. Bubble fronts, MDB, 10 select, nice stuff. $250 with mech/validator or $200 without. We always got them without so we could put nice new mechs/validators in them. Because of the volumn Coinco gave us a deeeeeeep discount on them. My tech,s would clean up 3 a day, put on new fronts if needed, etc. We were fortunate to have a full time coffee tech and machine tech. And you can put any product in them.
  4. Poplady1

    Vistar Distribution

    We had Vistar orders out of Louisville. Sams we always was go to place if trucks ran light out on the route. Vistar got us a lot of business with their variety. In California vendors use the Vistar MiniMarts. You can go in then shop like Sams and go.
  5. Poplady1

    STEAL on Craigslist - in Phoenix

    I would buy them in a New York minute. Fix them one at a time. You will learn a lot and the investment isn't much. Even if you don't have keys you can drill out those locks in 20 minutes. Go for it.
  6. Poplady1

    New Location Gross Sales Expectation?

    Sometimes buildings will surprise you. If you have lots of smokers they will go outside a lot and if they pass the machines often they will stop. Hope if does great for you.
  7. Poplady1

    Highest income vending option?

    Currently the smaller independent vendors we work with are happy with accounts that generate $40 a week per machine. These are retired people or parttime vendors. They buy a drink and snack set for $1600, get a location for $500 ($2100) earn $320 a month and hope to keep the spot for 2 or 3 years $11520 beats the stock market. Locations with 40 emp to 70 emp Larger companies want $100 per week per machine. Normally use bottler machines for the drink and purchase good snack machines with cc readers. $3000 and pay for a good location 900. total $3900 end of 3 years $28,800. Locations with 90 to 150 emp (mix of blue collar and office)
  8. Poplady1

    Is this a good machine

    That is an old piece of equipment but you can sell the compressor, coin mech. Not sure it would be worth refurbishing.
  9. Speaking as a retired insurance agent, please get liability insurance. You may not be neglient but you will be listed in the suit. The policy pays to defend you, that alone should help you sleep. On the question of someone putting your fist through the glass on your machine. That could lead to a quilty verdict if the machine is in a public space. By the majority of regulations should have safety glass or plexiglass in all of your machines.
  10. I agree with ORSD. You get better accounts, better sales, better product selection.
  11. Poplady1

    Is this a good machine

    Is the compressor working? How about the validator and mech? What type of validator and mech is in there. How tall
  12. Poplady1

    Locating in Austin, TX

    So you are doing honor boxes not the plastic box shown in your profile. Giving you a big pat on the back for hitting the pavement using your own feet. You are a businessman. Take 4 stocked boxes, put them in the car, walk into places you feel might work. Let them see your items. Be brief, Hi my mother and grandmother are both breast cancer survirors (only say this if it is true) Have some business cards made up by Vista Print. Focus on your support of Breast Cancer. If you are serious go to your local cancer support center to get some of their brochures. Staple your card to their flyer, ask the location if they would try it for a month. If they don't like it just call your number on the card and you will pick it up. No risk to them, if the money is short you may leave a reminder note but they are not responsible. If it continues to be short you will pull it. These work really well in Real Estate Offices, Insurance offices, Police/sheriff also really good, Beauty salons are great, not barber shops, any place where they are dealing with the public. They want to let people know they support the community. The drink will be another matter but while you are on the search, as you leave a box just say, Hey you all don't want a drink machine do you? My sister did a honor box route. She did elementary schools teachers lounge. Just sit down and call them. Vendors won't do them because there are too many restrictions. But in the teachers lounge, no problem. Just call, ask if they would like some snacks, could you drop by and show them? Also if you have over 75 teachers you might offer that drink. You may have to move them around because some will be slow and some will surprise you. If you need help, call Rodney. Don't do tire shops, oil change, because people will walk out with it. If you place it behind the counter in those places that will work. Hope this helps. It is always a good idea to be careful about peanut products when the public may be involved.
  13. Poplady1

    Pay Range

    To put payrange in your machine $79. It comes in the mail, about the size of a credit card. Has two plugs to hook up to your mech/valdator. There is a you tube on line showing you how to do it...very easy to do. Then you have to have a desk top computer (for some reason laptops won't work) You type in a little information on each payrange you receive and give it the data for your bank account. Each transaction is 4cents. No other fees yet but it sounds like they are coming. You really do need offices with young folks so they have cell phones for the app and young people love it. Locally McDonalds has it now and you just hold it up and it is that simple. Once the fast foods pick it up, everyone will know how to use it. My vendors say it increases sales from 25 to 30 percent.
  14. I have to disagree with AZ. Example: We just setup a large transportation center. (400 plus on site employees) they have a small out building for their guards and security (45 emp) plus it is so small. To get the agreement the vendor has to purchase a combo. A National is going to do the trick. I believe what most people on the forum are upset about is the quality of most combo's (Gains, Antars, etc) is very low. Plus if it is a good account you will need to service a lot. A client in Texas contacted us for help. They purchased 15 Seaga combo machines......wait for it....wait..$42000 dollars. The locations they gave them were awful. The clients are spiritual people, so guess what, they got them a bunch of churches, teachers lounges in Elementary Schools, 5 self storage lots...the list is horrible. We have helped them file a case and they will get back all but about 30% of it. Plus they get to keep the machines which are already giving them problems. Our first spot for them was a 495 luxury apartment complex with a huge community center plus an indoor pool and outdoor pool. Tennis courts, the office, club house type set up. They took 4 of those machines. They do have CC cards. One thing about these units is they are extremly easy to find locations. And offices are really good with these Seaga machines with that side car. 1) 80 emp account (unless it is all office) is $900 from us for a full size setup that is our blue collar rate, all office combo rate 80 emp $600 unless it is a red gains size combo, Antares, those are $250 to $300 (junk machines) 2) 230 emp would be a drink snack food and possible coffee we would charge $2200 all office and we would do a micromarket $1800... 3) 130 emp is another drink and snack set up (a combo would never work) $900 My concern is either they are employees or foot traffic, we never handle foot traffic accounts unless it is a large hotel, large movie theater with over 100 staff and of course, the machines are only available for the staff, We just got the contract for LA new Coliseum. Even there we only counted on site employees, no guess work on foottraffic Also is this all healthy accounts?
  15. When you have a litte time Allen send me a list of the areas you serve. bluemooseloc@yahoo.com 909-583-9068 It took a long time for that Coliseum to finally close. Hoping it was worth it for everyone. I do get a lot of calls from your area, mostly hotels as you can imagine. Bev