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  1. Problem fixed moved the machine away from the wall now cooling down to 14C Thanks for all your help
  2. Yeah 28C they have all gone mushy, I have tried the manual but it says hold the # key when the door is open until you see service but it never works.
  3. Hello Everyone I just bought my 2nd vending machine recently this time I went with a Polyvend 452, after installing it I realise the temperature is showing 28- 29 Degrees all the sweet are melting and I am not sure what to do. How can I adjust the temperature ??
  4. What is the lubricant or grease for vending machine motors, coils and the coinmech dispensing arms Thanks
  5. Hello I have a Narco 440 with a Cashflow 690 installed It states "please use correct change" all cans are 80p if I put in the exact change ie (4 x 20p = 80p) it works fine. However if I put in a £1 coin it states please use correct change however there are plenty of 20p coins in Tube B Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  6. Hello guys had a slight problem lately with the coin mech (kashflow 690) When I open the vending machine the coinmech is flashing yellow and it should be in green. I have taken the coin cassette out of the machine and then pressed the yellow button repeatedly then the hands start moving it seems one of the hands is moving slow or having issues this could be the cause of the problem. I have made a video so you can see Any help would be appreciated
  7. What is this green item it seems to have leaked over time.
  8. Ha ha good idea one way of saving money
  9. What are they called so i can buy some more . I am sure the ones I have been there for 10 years longer as they are almost black
  10. The machine is working fine now but I am looking to clean it up and restore any wear and tear. I cleaned a load of dust today out of the bottom tray, I noticed there were some white pads standing up on the bottom tray what are those ?
  11. Thanks for the manual Can this machine be converted to plastic bottles ?
  12. Well done guys yes it turns out is not a 501T but instead a 368 / 440 I don't suppose anyone has a manual for one of these so I can start to learn how to set prices and use it. It also has a cashflow 690 coin mech
  13. Wow thank you everyone for all your responses you have been great yes I think it is a 501E. However I will check the inside and take a picture. This might clarify up what model it is.
  14. Hello Everyone I recently bought a can machine got it very cheap, I do a lot of DIY and I have a passion in learning to do things for myself and so came across this forum on google. The machine I bought is fully working so I haven't got any problems with it but I am looking to learn from people with experience I am sure the one I have is very old. Any help would be greatly welcome from fellow forum members. Not sure if anyone can identify the make and model. From my own research I know it is a Dixie Narco but model number I am unsure
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