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    Looking for info on Keypad repair

    Blue Plate is correct that ATM Equipment does repair these but when I used them before I realized that they were loading the 5000k firmware onto the PCI 1.0 6000k keypad which makes the keypad non PCI compliant as even the manufacturer has stopped repairing the 5000k keypads. ATM equipment is actually removing the processor of the 6000k you send in and putting in a 5000k processor basically downgrading the keypads so they can load the program they have. If you don't believe me go and check the version of a 6000k keypad they have repaired, instead of 08.00.00 it will show 03.02.01. I don't know why anyone sends them in to them especially for the price they charge. The manufacturer will refuse to work on the keypads sent in to them that have been repaired by ATM Equipment. I had to send mine to another company to get them put back to the correct version with the correct processor, and they still charged less than ATM Equipment for fixing ATM equipment's HUGE lie. I can't believe they haven't been sued yet, I know I have lost probably $5k in repairs because of them. It makes me furious! I'll attach a picture as proof of the chip being replaced with a 5000k chip.