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  1. Hehaw, never read one mention of single heads. Of course 50 a single head would be good numbers. How many heads do you operate? You need to get thicker skin. What do you do whenever you get rejected on cold calls? Can’t be sensitive in this industry
  2. Heehaw, here is a idea. Extend your bulk service time to get those 50 dollar accounts! Lol it’s cute that you think 50 is a lot for a account
  3. There isn’t a magic number. Too many variables. CoG, commissions, lost accounts, down months ect ect. Focus on putting out machines. The money will eventually come in. This is a marathon not a sprint.
  4. Finacial advisor

    NBVA Vegas show

    We are going too. Never miss a show. If you’re serious in this industry it’s a must. Don’t think I’ve ever seen you at one? Are you a rep for the chicken?
  5. Finacial advisor

    all american chicken

    Not worth a thing. Excellent boat anchor. Cheaply made and were not meant to last a year.