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  1. Ok so not everyone feels like it’s a giant rip off. Sounds like that 1 location in particular has got your business off the ground pretty good. So this is what you got 1.logo design 2. Website ( cookie cutter ) 3. 200 calls to businesses. did they promise any certain amount of locations?
  2. I’m starting to realize that the only way to get good accounts is going out myself. I definitely don’t have a problem with that. I just need a little more time and investment $ .
  3. Thank you. This is definitely good business sense.
  4. Wow almost seems like you could sue them for not providing a service that you were owed. 2800 bucks and...... absolutely nothing? Idk hard to believe someone would just give away 2800 bucks without any fight at all. This review seems like we were not told everything.
  5. Is this from personal experience? Just wondering. Thank you
  6. Does anyone know about kickstart 360? Anyone experience this service? How much does it cost? What type of locations? Can I reject any location I don’t want?
  7. I need some of the fake crome collars for the round lypc machines. The collar that holds the candy wheel. They might be also known as.. a hopper. Anyone got some they wanna sell?
  8. The guy I purchased the machine from broke his key in half trying to service the machine.He still had the key in his hand and gave it to me.both pieces. He said he was done with the candy machines and was getting out of the busines. I seen the number on the key and I ordered it yesterday. He told me there was money inside the machine and I could have it. The ad for the rack sat online over 2 months before I bought it. If he was a theif he would have drilled the locks by then.i wouldn’t want someone to do me dirty is the way I look at that. There was another guy last week trying to sell 2 uturns 8 heads. For 50$ each . No keys half full of candy. No change inside it when I shook it. Freshly serviced I presume.That guy drove a 1987 Nissan hardbody no ac cause windows were down and the truck was 4 different colors. wore steel toe cowboy work boots . no socks.dirty shirt and shorts . Missing several teeth in the front. Clearly not a business person. Not because teeth cloths or truck. But because I told him . I couldn’t use the machines . He said I was a “dirty mother golpher” Really me ? SMH . Meth must be a bad drug. Lol. I need to figure out a way to identify my equipment some how. Before the meth monkeys get my stuff.
  9. Does the easitrax system work with a a dn501e? And how much is easitrax ? Is it a subscription monthly?
  10. 2 quick questions: 1. Can these machines vend 2” toys? 2. I need some keys for a rack I’m fixing to buy. Does anyone have keys they wanna sell?
  11. Thanks, i guess it’s a try it and see kinda deal. I like the treasure mix idea.
  12. This is the first hotel location I’ve got. And I’m not sure if my regular pmm and skittles are good enough. I’m thinking about trying to get into capsule toys. I might have enough locations now that I could get into it. I don’t want to buy the toys and have them stored in my garage. I’d rather have a few locations where I could put all the toys out on location instead of keeping them in the garage .
  13. Btw that bubbly soda or whatever it is. Is the nastiest beverage ever created my man. I’d rather drink piss.
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