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  1. livinginthe80z

    Cost To Service

    So is 125$ the national average for a drink machine? I believe 10$ a month is the average for bulk machines. But is that 10$ a head or 10$ machine up to how many heads?
  2. livinginthe80z

    V line candy machine lids

  3. livinginthe80z

    V line candy machine lids

    Like this
  4. livinginthe80z

    V line candy machine lids

    Does anybody have any lids they wanna get rid of. Or donate? Or trade?
  5. livinginthe80z

    Faygo drink machine

    I can’t find faygo drinks in my area to purchase. Sams has a variety case in my area but it’s 4 flavors in a case. Not ideal to vend in my machine I bought. Also if anyone has any knowledge about faygo drink machines can you change the price? In case I’m unable to get faygo I could just vend coke and Pepsi out of it.
  6. I got a quote from a moving company and they wanted 500 to move one about 7 miles. What’s a good price to pay?
  7. livinginthe80z

    M&M bulk peanut candy

    I sell them too . About 6-7pieces per vend across different accounts.
  8. livinginthe80z

    Worst spots to put a bulk candy machine

    I know we have a post on the best places but what are places you tend to avoid. Please don’t say dumpster, high crime location, or up your golpher!! Funny but not the type of information I need. I’m just starting out and I’m wanting to maximize the potential of each and every machine I possibly can. I’m using a locator and idk if they just get any spot that is willing or there is actually a method to what types of business they call. I got a Asian food place. And it was terrible. It did like 1.75 in 3 weeks! Hell naww lol. I gonna let it sit another month just to make sure it’s I stinker but probably gonna move it.
  9. livinginthe80z

    Is there a slow time for sales during the year?

    Logical I like that. Summer time all the kids are out of school too so. That’s pretty logical too. I apologize for the dumb questions. I know some types of business pick up and slow down at certain times of year. I’m committed to trying to make my little business flourish.
  10. And if so when would business pick up sales?
  11. livinginthe80z


    Yes definitely solid advice thank you. I got 9 machines out so far. I’m just trying to feel this business out. Thank you all for the advice
  12. livinginthe80z


    Ok I guess I need to get a lot bigger to get 500-1000 worth lol. I’m not stopping I’m gonna make it there. Thank you all for the information
  13. livinginthe80z


    I called regions corporate number and they transferred me to 3 different branches in my area and either said no or that they only will ship a bag of change in to their vault at a fee of 5$ per bag. And it takes a week to process it to get credit. Wells Fargo just straight up said no. I explained I had a vending company so I guess that didn’t matter. Went to a credit union and they told me they only took it rolled. I just thought that instead of chasing down more places maybe someone on here knew of a bank that does it. Save me some time. I did some leg work though. That’s 5 places so far.
  14. livinginthe80z


    Banks that take quarters unrolled. Which ones do it?