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  1. My sams club and Costco doesn’t have strawberry Dasani. As a matter of fact they don’t carry any case of Gatorade that has 1 flavor. They are all multi flavor packs/cases
  2. Yes I do. And thank you this is awesome 😎
  3. I’ve mostly got double head machines and all of them have skittles on one side . What would sell decent to replace peanut M&Ms while it’s summer time.
  4. So I have a update on the coke machine. I thought I had the situation taken care of. I called the electrician and told him the gfci was tripping and we needed to figure out what the problem was . He told me it might be with my machine. He offered to test the machine and look at the gfci. Well he never called me back. I called the location. The guy that manages the place is a friend of mine. I asked if the coke machine was running and he told me yes. So I thought nothing about it. I went yesterday to check on the machine and to see if anything was needing to be restocked. And my friend just so happened to come outside and we started talking about the electrician and he told me that the guy just installed a non gfci. I stayed calm but inside I was livid. When I talked to the guy about the gfci I expressly told him that the job must be done right and there had to be a gfci outlet since the machine was outdoor. He just went and installed a non gfci without my permission and never even called to let me know. Well I unplugged the machine and told my friend the electrician has to do it right. I called the electrician back and told him that we needed to have a gfci. He said he would install it but it will still trip. And he said that he checked the Machine and found no hazard. I asked him if he could find what was causeing the problem and he said it was the machine. I told him to install the gfci and refund the 325$ invoice since he could not finish the job. He promptly said no about the refund . I’ve disputed the charge in my debit card and filed a complaint with the bbb. This has turned out to be a cluster golpher!!!
  5. You say keep your ————> GROSS<————profit at 50% not net correct? I’m thinking gross profit being what I get inside the machine. I just want to operate under best practices. Everything you listed above sound like best practices. Also what did you mean by set a time limit for it to fail or succeed?
  6. Yes I agree a clean and nice machine would be best practices. Thank you. I seen the deal and it had me wanting to jump on it but I’m passing at the moment I’ve got other irons in the fire right now. Hey also thanks for telling me not to stick my hand below the sold out peddle . I work in the industrial production field in my regular occupation and I always appreciate safety guidance. Good tip.
  7. I definitely appreciate your honest opinion. As well as everyone else here. I think I’m gonna pass on the machine right now. Just a little overwhelming for me at the moment. I just placed a drink machine and I want to get the hang of it first. I believe you are right about buying 501e machines . Thank you
  8. I’m new to this business. I have no clue what these machines are worth? I need a guide to understand values of equipment so I know what to pay reasonably.
  9. Ok the guy sent me a picture of the equipment Id . I’ll call and verify ownership.
  10. I just don’t want to get involved in something I don’t need to. I need a deal but not a it fell of the back a truck deal. You understand my concern?
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