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  1. I was also wondering if there is another way/step to do this. I had some trouble when emptying the column last time. I had to reach down and remove the cans from the tray that was curved downwards and when refilling, I was not sure whether to refill from inside the tray (still curved downwards) or above the tray, if above the tray, how do I make it rotate after refilling? I saw the previous owner do something like that. He emptied the columns (curved tray still facing down), then filled it back with the new cans, then pressed some buttons on the machine that made the curved tray to rotate and refill with cans so that it is ready for vending. He left the country, so I can't contact him for help. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yes I am very new, about 1 year into the business. Thanks for your response, I will try it and let you know how it goes.
  3. AZVendor, Thanks for your response. Please can you tell me how to adjust the motor cam? Sorry, I am fairly new in the business and this is a new location I just acquired. Thanks
  4. Hello, I have a vendo 511 and one of the columns sells Monster and it takes 2 cans. Due to slow sales, I want to change that to regular pop and that column can take 3 cans. When I removed all the Monster and put the regular cans and increased the length of the column, the machine will spit out 2 cans on the first purchase then 1 can after. But I need it to spit out 1 can at a time. So how can I reset it so that it recognizes I have 3 cans and needs to spit out 1 at a time?
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