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  1. Thank you AZVender. So I think I will replace it with a normal key pad? Is that what you would recommend? if so, any ideas where I could get one that will work for a decent price?
  2. I have a USI model number 3574. Started getting an error message on the touch screen. “An unexpected error has occurred in startup.exe.” I then get a second error message that says “applicationStartup.exe encountered a serious error and must be shut down”. I pushed the service button, and nothing happens. I called Vendnet and they told me the touch screen is bad and needs to be replaced. Can anybody shed some light as to what is happening?
  3. Ok, The tag on the inside of the machine says Lu Wegneer with a model number of 3039. The bill accepter is not working. The bill accepter says NB2-16A-200. Have not been able to find this bill accepter. Does anybody have any ideas of where I could get one or another that would work on this machine? I really appreciate any help.
  4. I am new at this, and would appreciate any help. I have a machine that won’t accept dollar bills. The Validator is a NB2-16A-200. I can’t seem to find one. Any suggestions?
  5. How do I delete an attachment?
  6. Thank you Ramsep. Very helpful.
  7. I am thinking about buying some machines from a company in Texas called Vending Concepts or vendingconcepts.net has anybody dealt with this company?
  8. They were all snack machines. All the soda machines in my area are put there by either Coke or Pepsi. There are several places that would have them removed if I told them I wanted to put a drink machine in. I would have to by drink machines. advice on the best drink machines?
  9. they have drinks, but only sell soda pop. They do not sell energy drinks or gatorade
  10. I have recently bought a small, existing vending business consisting of 8 snack machines all on locations. I have received requests from other locations for a machine. these locations already have soda machines, but would like a snack machine. I am going to buy more machines, and was thinking about getting a couple combo machines. I see on this forum that combo machines are not real popular, but I think drinks like red bull, monster, and Gatorade would all sell. What would be a good combo machine to look to buy or is it just not worth my trouble? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you so much for the input. Always good to hear from somebody that’s been at it a while
  12. Ok. Thanks a lot. Don’t really need my first major purchase to be junk.
  13. Thanks. So I take it you have had experience with these machines? They seem pretty popular in my area. Why do you say they are junk?
  14. Have a chance to buy several of these. I am new, so can somebody tell me about these and about what they are worth?
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