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  1. I have one that does that. Try just closing door, wait a few seconds and message should disappear and go to your selection message.
  2. By searching on Ebay I was able to locate three resellers in three different states from whom I bought snack and drink machines at reasonable prices, below the average advertised machines on Ebay. Some negotiation and buying in small lots saved alot. Yes getting locations first is good advice but you can't predict when you'll get a location and you don't want to get a location wanting 4 machines in 2 weeks and be scrambling to find those good machines at a fair price. I think buying when you have the opportunity to buy the machine you want at a good price and having them available when that new location comes along is also a good way to go. By establishing a business relationship with those resellers now,also, you have a source for machines when you need them.
  3. Search term "commissions" in this forum and you should have most of your questions answered. Anyone getting into vending should read all of the posts here before you do anything and more than once.
  4. If you are charged $400 per machine and a location wants a drink and a snack, and he finds 3 of these locations your at $2400. If they charge 3 or 4 months gross and you average $100 per week per location, thats $3600 to $4800. How is that better than Kickstarts fee? I'm not promoting Kickstart, but I didn't think the locator's fees were that high and if so, yes, you are better off doing your own locating.
  5. Which one of those locators operate in Indiana and what is a typical fee?
  6. I think so and if not you got some money back. They didn't meet their goal but instead of cash back, I elected to take a certain number of additional calls. You want to be realistic about the category of businesses you will be prospecting and don't limit yourself to just healthy or just soda. We thought we would be doing healthy machines and by our first location had to provide drink and coffee and unhealthy snacks.
  7. I used them and my experience is a little different. I found Robert Patterson to be available when needed. The person who designed my logo and web site was very attentive and although the website is cookie cutter, I really liked the logo created. I use it in my promotions and vehicle door signs. Once a list of potential locations was generated, there was a delay in calls and calls are done once a week so that was frustrating. They did generate locations and the first one turned out to be good one that got our business started. I think we may have gotten 4 or 5 locations after that we still have. For us the web site did more for growing our business and the number of leads generated kept us from having to go out and locate on our own the first year. As to the number of calls, 200 is 200 calls. No answer, or decision maker not available is still a call and 80% or more of the calls were that result. There are no call backs unless you haven't used up your 200 before they go thru your list. I did not have the time to locate myself. If you chose to call businesses, you will get the same answer most of the time, the person you need to talk to is not available, they are happy with their current vendor, or they are not interested. Knock on doors if you have the time and the strength of character to get rejected. Yes, it is a lot of money but I don't know that we would be where we are in our second year if we hadn't gone the route we did.
  8. Had account that wanted all healthy snacks and drinks. No soda, no pastries, no candy. Had both office and warehouse employees. They wanted new vendor because previous vendor didn't service and they had alot of stales. Since we are new to business, agreed to do it. Went to Sams, got all the healthy snacks, energy bars, peanuts and some chips. Flavored waters, juice , non-carbonated drinks and water. After 2 months, Yoohoo was the best selling drink. Our first service was 4 or 5 weeks into it because of slow sales, and after our 3rd service in about 6 months we gave up. The cost of driving to and from location, stales, and poor sales made this a real money loser. Corporate there insisted on healthy only even though employees weren't interested. They had a fully equipped break room and employees brought their own drinks and snacks. Won't ever do that again.
  9. Found out the city recying center is closing in 2 weeks. But checking with trash haulers on dumpsters for recycling, learned prices for that service are affordable. Getting competitive quotes. Saves the time involved in gathering and hauling to another location.
  10. I am new to forum but have AP 113, 148, 167 and 123. I would go with the 122 or 168. Easier to price and set up. No need to get new with projected income and I agree card reader will increase your sales 10 to 25 percent. I have machine in motel next to Pepsi. Staff keeps asking me to service Pepsi because they don't. My rookie opinion.
  11. Thanks AZ. I will contact recyclers in my area and see if they can pick up or have some other service. Sams Club is our main supplier and I don't think they accept cardboard. There were no chapters devoted to cardboard box disposal in the books and articles I read before starting this business.
  12. Hello everyone, I have followed and read all of the forum since getting into full line vending a year ago. It has been extremely helpful both in making location decisions, machine repairs, and operation of my business. Just joined and this is my first post. We have grown from 3 machines located to 32 machines placed in our year. I have questions, but the one topic I haven't seen discussed is cardboard. How do you get rid of your cardboard? Dumpster seems too expensive, burning can take forever, and I think our cardboard recycler closed. Any other suggestions would be very helpful.
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