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  1. Ewww ebay,any listening on Amazon ? Or anybody willing to sell?
  2. Anyway to switch it to 850?
  3. True so i guess Skittles it is.I tired 2 location today and was told no not interested.Ahhh oh well
  4. I been looking at candy over at A & A and trying to decide.Either tangy tarts or gone fishing fish.Decent seller ?
  5. So what is my gumball size? 850 ?
  6. Yeah i was wondering about parts eventually.
  7. Also where can i get another key made?
  8. Well i finally pulled the tigger and bought my first machine.Hopefully by the end of the year i will have 10 going.Gumball on one side and candy in the other.I'm going to get rich off this right?
  9. Was mike and ikes a big seller?
  10. Yup i notice that now never realized so many different flavors.I also notice gumballs come in different sizes?I'm buying a used oak vista this weekend so how do i figured it out?
  11. Wow a & a global has alot of cool gumballs.Some price point would require .50 tho
  12. Best place to get Gumballs at good prices.I have a sam's club membership i was thinking for candy.
  13. Anybody tried them?New or used
  14. How long between servicing the cafe?What are you running there?Best sellers?
  15. Is there a video on how to install or remove locks?
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