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  1. I appreciate you taking time to answer my basic questions. You seem to be the most active and knowledgable person on this forum. A huge help to a beginner like me. Thank you.
  2. thanks you. the instructions on the inner door have been removed.
  3. I appreciate the advice. I have filled up all 3 columns and did some cleaning and dust removal which seemed to help it run smoothly. Still no luck on the bill acceptor (not even a flashing light). Now im beginning the task of trying to program the machine. I can navigate through my royal machine pretty easily as far as setting prices, but this DN501e is a pain. I know its a series of hitting the 1+2 buttons but im struggling. Next stop YouTube.
  4. where is the door switch located on a DN501e?
  5. **update*** without me doing anything, the machine is now displaying ".75" which I assume is the last price the previous owner set. the machine will not accept cash and it just spits the quarters right out.
  6. hey all, I picked up a Pepsi DN501e for free. Just cleaned it up and plugged her in. The display is showing "1-772 HD" and I can't seem to get past in when I hold the home button down. tips, thoughts, suggestions? thanks
  7. hi, I can't offer you any advice, but im interested in how you made out. I've considered branching out into the ATM's myself. It would be nice to hear how you acclimated.
  8. hi all, I'd like to add some variety to my machine. Im currently vending (mostly) soda, Gatorade, and water. I would like to find a more appealing beverage for the morning hours. Perhaps some type of juice or yoohoo. My concerns are about shelf life and spoilage. Those of you with some years on me, mind sharing your experience? Kevin
  9. hey guys, how do you guys draft up a contract for your machine locations? does anyone have a sample model I can look at? In a world where you have to CYOA (cover your own golpher), I'd like to have my location host sign something so there won't be any discrepancies later. Also... what's the average commission you guys are giving (if any)? thanks!
  10. I'm new to the vending world, and I'm having a hard time with the water bottles. which brand water bottle and sizes work best in your soda machine? Im in the NYC metro area. thanks
  11. Looking for a service tech in Westchester county, NY to help me with some of my machines.
  12. if and when you need a part for your soda/snack machine, where do you go? I've heard people suggest eBay. What is your go-to? thanks
  13. Hi y'all, Im a newbie in this field with a couple used machines. I have one royal soda machine, one dixie soda, and one snack machine. Is anyone located in/around Westchester County, NY? I could use some help trouble shooting. Perhaps somebody is close by and has a surplus of parts. Thanks, Kevin D
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