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  1. We went to our first NbVA convention in I think 1998 in Orlando & Gabriel vending brought a semi truck loaded with Ashland machine's to sell at show, they built the machines. Their semi trailer had a pictures of Ashland machine's painted or wrapped on trailer it looked good.
  2. Look's like Ashland, I bought a small route of the Ashland's, the hopper from a Northwestern with wouldn't vend with Ashland mech. Their ok, I tossed them out mainly because plastic globes we're faded bad.
  3. I still use the coin spring scales, from back in the day quick & accurate. Hard to find.
  4. I loosen the 4 nuts, slide a folder under plate push down metal plate slightly & tighten to get the right clearance for a single folder vend.
  5. If you got locations, that's a good price, locations are hard to get.
  6. I lost a 4 way Northwestern Iam guessing with over $150 in it, wierd feeling now that they how much can be in our machines. GPS tracker Good good idea!
  7. I bought chute covers from Jim at Oak last week.
  8. Vendin it


    Ok thanks nice to know!
  9. Vendin it


    Iam new to this site what is PM?
  10. If I could get $150 for 3 used Eagles with stand or $125 for a mix match 2 head I might sell my whole route. The Eagle for $49 or $39 reconditioned from Oak way better deal in my book.
  11. What Northwestern mech are you looking for ?
  12. Sure has been a different winter last couple years. I usually do new parts order's from Northwestern & Oak to freshen up machine's & stands. Now with N Western out of biz, & Jim at Oak not open for biz, Iam going thru our cleanest old parts pile & painting. It's more work! Kinda like in the Johnny Cash song, Sunday morning coming down, going thru my dirty clothes pile trying to find my cleanest dirty shirt!
  13. I have had these from a route I bought, coin's jam up behind mech. I junked them.
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