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  1. I have also stopped servicing the route, had one location call to pickup candy gum machines, it was a kidney clinic that had patients who's health was in jeapordy & didn't want our machines anymore. Iam thinking the majority will keep us in their locations. Definetly will be wear gloves & cleaning when servicing. Does anyone think their will be a flood of used machines for sale out their after this? I noticed the used machine market was getting grabbed up (the good machines Oak, Northwestern,Beaver) before the virus.
  2. Hopefully this runs its coarse & in May locations open back up, sports like racing etc. are rescheduling for May event's, let's keep are fingers crossed. It seemed like the public had become more interested in our products, more than ever before, we offer a very affordable product. What else can you buy for a quarter these day's?
  3. Anyone going to the NBVA show in New Orleans, this coming March 9 ?
  4. Anyone have any luck buying new super 60's or 80's from Northwestern's new owner's? If so what were the price on these machines? Thanks
  5. Same hopper wheels & brush offs are different.
  6. I bought a couple of these Lock's & found them difficult to install on lid & never used them. Hope it work's for you.
  7. I have done work for & had offers to service large company routes with my own equipment & it never worked out, they basically want us to work for 5-10 % profit & they keep the remaining profit. Which equals low pay.
  8. I have had a unusual slow spring Mar. April, May, maybe it is the 2" is not moving like it did in the past.
  9. Didn't take any photos, back before smart phone's. Gabriel was from New Jersey & had machines all over the country. When Oak & Northwestern's patent expired different companies copied their machine's ( Gabriel, A&A, Eagle) exactly to the size & design saving them big $ on engineering & design.
  10. A couple of examples from my above question are, I had a office averaging $80-85 a MO. with chicle gum empty every time & Mmp OK & skittles slow for 4 yrs, I changed it to 1 mmp & 2 chicle gum to get a longer service cycle, they then bought only from one chicle head & now location is down to $10 MO. Total? I went back to chicle, skittles, mmp & it's still doing $10-12 MO. way down from $80-85 a MO. Another one is a factory with 2 shift's of 30-40 employees that was emptying mmp out fast, so I put in 2 mmp & it slowed down both heads?
  11. Anyone know the psychology behind when a good product empties out fast in a single head and then you go to same product in two heads and it slows down? I have had this happen several times in triples. Mainly in work locations with the same customers.
  12. I tried the stand it's junk, the pipe loosened up in base & would not stay tight, if you tighten it more it strips the threads in the thin wall pipe. Don't waste your time. Lots of real stands out their that work.
  13. We went to our first NbVA convention in I think 1998 in Orlando & Gabriel vending brought a semi truck loaded with Ashland machine's to sell at show, they built the machines. Their semi trailer had a pictures of Ashland machine's painted or wrapped on trailer it looked good.
  14. Look's like Ashland, I bought a small route of the Ashland's, the hopper from a Northwestern with wouldn't vend with Ashland mech. Their ok, I tossed them out mainly because plastic globes we're faded bad.
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