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  1. Sure has been a different winter last couple years. I usually do new parts order's from Northwestern & Oak to freshen up machine's & stands. Now with N Western out of biz, & Jim at Oak not open for biz, Iam going thru our cleanest old parts pile & painting. It's more work! Kinda like in the Johnny Cash song, Sunday morning coming down, going thru my dirty clothes pile trying to find my cleanest dirty shirt!
  2. I have had these from a route I bought, coin's jam up behind mech. I junked them.
  3. Oak vending Cal. Not returning calls now. Their selling on eBay. Oak 1"toy wheel & brush off.
  4. I had problems with Beaver wheels also, I put Oak toy wheel & brush off in & no problem.
  5. Different lifestyle, motels, long days. Money wise you got to hit alot in one day to cover expenses. If your goning to be in Bulk a long time I would do it, if price was right. Good Luck!
  6. I have had this problem with a round Baton similar lock's that stopped turning. I will drill out with a 1/8 bit around center rod to not wreck rod or lock barrel & maybe get lucky & have lock come out in piece's or break globe & turn center rod out of lid with machine in peices, to save center rod & lid. Try not to laugh too hard but breaking globe over a trash can is way quicker & I have extra globes so no problem or buy new globe. Good luck!
  7. Anyone know if 2 in. Capsule machine Beaver mechs will work in a 1" machine? Too far away to try first hand buying thru shipping.
  8. I ran the smaller ones years ago with a glass front & decided to sell them for more capacity.
  9. Was this biz op sold by Brand? I am surprised they would do that. Way over priced!
  10. I think it's a good economy that hurts us, the location's cash register is more full & our commission is less meaning to them, the smart locations keep us knowing a slower economy is likely in the future. Been thru these good economy's with the Bulk route 2-3 times & i seem to lose more locations in them. I like a slower economy when the mom & pop stores are more hungry.
  11. If you got a warranty I would move it.
  12. Too many selections, coin box's are a joke always tip over & your picking up coin or tip it over to get coins, if it's cheap maybe try it.
  13. Vendin it


    Just got my yearly renewal $376, for 2 million liability coverage. Is that about right or should I start looking around?
  14. Thanks for the reply I always liked classifieds , more likely to be dealing with someone who knows bulk vending.
  15. They like em & lose em, & buy more!
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