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  1. Thank you for the advice moondog. Yeah a lot of people have told me to find a location first. So I will definitely be doing that. Youre right after searching online I found a lot of people selling used equipment. There is also a good amount selling equipments already placed at locations too. But many have told me to be wary of that too. I just have to continue doing research and see. Once I get everything ready on the business end I will start hitting locations and see how good of a sales person I am to acquire locations. Thank you again for the info I have learned a lot from everyone so far. Any other advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Thank you for your feedback southeast. I would prefer to have a machine where I can upgrade to credit card reader so I will definitely be looking for the models that have that capability
  3. So I take it the 167s are the better models out there
  4. Thank you orsd. I just contacted him again and he said the prices he gave me are actually for refurbished machines not used. And he that he has used machines That he is selling arleady places at locations too. But thank you. Now I kinda know price ranges to look for.
  5. Thank you southeast treats. I’ll take this in to consideration when I go see the machines. What do you usually check for when buying used machines? I’ve read in other post that I should obviously check if the machines vend properly. Check if it gets cold for beverage machines. Make sure coils turn in snack machines. Check bill validates. And coin dispensers. Should I be checking for anything else? In your opinion what snack machines are the best?
  6. Thank you angry Chris. To be honest I was wasn’t planning on buying this route. I just wanted some insite on how to gauge how much a route is worth. 42k gross for 39 machines doesn’t sound good to me. On another note I have a person in my area selling some used machines. I haven’t seen them yet but wanted to see if the price is right. I haven’t made any offers yet but of course I will try to get it for less then what he is saying if everything is in working condition and it’s a good deal. Royal 804 multiprice coke branded for $1075 AP 6600 for $750 vendo multiprice Pepsi branded $975 AP 113 for $1000 AP LCM for $1100 national 147 for $1100 national 167 for $1990 thanks in advance
  7. Thank you very much southeast treats. He was asking 49k for the route and for spare parts and van. I messaged but never got a reply. But that can be due to it being the weekend. I will wait a bit longer before I try again. I’ll try to get as much info as I can. But for now I’m looking into used machines like everyone suggested. Just need to find a resource I can use to figure out which machines are worth buying and for how much. I do want machines I can put credit card readers into. Thank you for tips on locations too. I’m still in process of creating the business entity and logos,business cards, website ect..... I will start looking for locations once I get that done. I’m not in a rush I just want to do this right. Thank you again for the info I appreciate it very much
  8. Thanks angry Chris. I totally understand that I’m taking a risk going into this industry with no knowledge. I was just making a broad statement when I was saying extra 1k a month. Any amount of extra money is good. I’m interested in this industry also because I can start off small without risking a lot of my money and just see where it takes me. I’m sure everyone in here felt the same way at some point when trying to start out. I do appreciate everyone’s honest and straight forward answer though. It’s very refreshing to see open and honest discussions and I look forward to learning from everyone in here
  9. AZ I totally understand that. I was just making a broad statement. My main point of saying that was I don’t mind working hard and learning. Honestly anything will help. Also that’s why I am on here. Just trying to learn from people already seasoned in the business, not trying to predetermine anything
  10. Yeah I totally understand that. I am looking to make some extra money on the side to supplement my income now and at the same time I wanted to do something I can call my own rather then just get a second job. If I’m able to grow this into a legitimate business then that would be awesome and at the same time if I can get 10-20 machines and make an extra 1k a month that would help too.
  11. I will definitely give the book a read. Thank you
  12. Thank you NYCandyMan. I will consider looking in to gimballs as well.
  13. Thank you Anacapa I will definitely keep that in mind if I am ever in that area. Are you on Facebook? Always great to make new friends in the industry.
  14. Thank you very much for your reply apple leisure. I appreciate everyone’s honest reply and all the advice everyone is giving. I’m still in process of getting business license and sellers permit and all that good stuff on the business operations end. I will definitely check out vending world. I also found a place closer to me called “the vending king”. Has anyone heard of this place. They sell new and used/refurbished machines. Does anyone have suggestions on programs to keep track of inventory and sales. Thank you again
  15. Thank you southeast treats for your reply as well as your tips and recommendations. I have been looking at used machines on criagslists and other websites. My only concern with that is my knowledge of vending machines is not good. So I wouldn’t know what to look for to ensure machine is still in good condition. I do plan do do everything myself, I just hope any place I find will allow me to refill machine in the late afternoon-early evening and or weekends. I have also found some vending machine sellers in my area that sell new, used and refurbished machines for fairly cheap as well. Just trying to figure out which way to go. Thank you for the info regarding licensing and permits. I will have to do some more research online regarding what California requires. I did read somewhere that they require business license and sellers permit. It wasn’t sure if I needed anything else. I live very close to Disneyland, so I am near a ton of hotels and motels. I am sure they all have vending machines already but I was thinking I might as well try anyway. What would you recommend as the best approach? Email, call. Or just show up and try to tan to managers? I asked AZ this but thought I might as well ask you too. What are your thoughts on buying an existing route from a person that is considering retiring. He said he has 39 machines half soda and half snack machines and makes around 42k gross. He says it takes him 24hrs per week to do this route. Of course I would need to check each machine to see how old each is And do my due diligence. What do you think is a fair price for a route like this. I also found some other people trying to sell their machine already at a location. Prices range between 2k-5k. Prices in the higher range are due to newer machines/combo machines. Thank you again for your honest reply. I appreciate it and I am not discouraged. I understand that anything that may be worth while will come with hard work. I have 2 kids now and my wife and I are considering another so any supplemental income will help. I also want to Teach my children about working hard and how it can pay off.
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