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  1. I like the Vendo 721 too. How do I do that? What is the latest version? Thank you for your reply and help!
  2. I gave the parts guy at vendo the serial number off of my machine. I don't know if he was having a bad day and just took it out on me or what. I will call again and see what happens.
  3. So I have a Vendo 721 soda machine that I am trying to get a Parlevel Nayax card reader working in but so far no go. The card reader takes the money no problem and the machine gives credit but freezes saying you have $5 credit but will not vend anything and the only way I have been able to clear it is to unplug the system. I called Parlevel and after being on the phone for hours they say it is not their system. The soda machine is communicating with the card reader as it shows how many coins and cash it thinks it has (in the Parlevel system) as well as the Vendo shows you have credit after the transaction clears. It is not just a one off either as the system can vend from cash or coins no problem, but as soon as you run a credit card it just freezes up showing $5 credit. I was told by Parlevel that my Eprom might need to be updated, below is a picture of my board and eprom. I called Vendo and their parts department said they no longer support the Vendo 721 and the Vendo guy laughed at me saying these things are so old just buy a new system... As stated earlier this machine works great, I just need it to work with my credit card system. I sent Parlevel my pictures and they said I had it set up right. If it is the Eprom where do I go to get the download? I have not factory reset the system yet, would that do the trick? I need some help guys, please and thank you!
  4. Thanks, Moondog! I want to build an empire so these two machines better start doing better than 2 cases a week each! They have been on site for 9 years so the client is happy, the machines are old though. Good point Moondog. As I build up I will buy my own
  5. My locations are slow but it is 2 cases a week, not a month I am down with buying machines I just wanted to get in as fast and for as little as possible. Do you use a cashless system? Thanks for the advice Moondog!
  6. I am looking at getting into the vending business, especially the soda/can business. I started with looking into healthy type vending and then found big soda. Big soda looked way better on ROI. I have been in contact with the big brands and they'll say they will let me place and run their machines and that they will provide and deliver them as well as maintain them, in exchange I have to buy xx+ cases a month per machine, stock the machines and collect the money. Is this a good way to go? At first glance, it was like shoot! I don't have to pay for the machines?! Wahoo! But now I am thinking these things have ups and downs, will I be drowning in soda? I bought 2 sights with big soda owned machines off of a guy and granted it is cold but they are each doing like 2 cases a week, which is below the quota (but it is cold here now) I was told in summer it picks up (makes sense). If you are currently doing this, would you recommend it? All the soda brands in my area say I can put a card reader if I ask them first but they won't include one. What brand of reader/provider do you recommend? Big soda seems to use USA Tech. So in short 2 questions: 1. selling soda with a quota for the big boys is it a good way to start? 2. Card readers, recommendations. I would like a mentor. Thank you for your help! Any advice?
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