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  1. Hello...have a GPL cold food machine in a pretty good account that downsized...they say temporary and asked if machine could stay until they are busier and vend items that don't need refrigeration. Can refrigeration and health alert be disabled?
  2. We are a small snack and drink operation in the Kalamazoo MI area and would like to add a few accounts. We have 30+ snack and drink accounts we found ourselves...some good, some not (small factory, auto repair, couple of larger medical, municipal, etc.). Our equipment ranges from full size DN, Vendo and USI drink machines and AP 113 & USI snack machines down to USI snack and drink combos (side by side). Has anyone had experience working with locators in SW Michigan? We range from Plainwell to Kalamazoo and Portage and west to Paw Paw. Thanks!
  3. Hello...looking for info on cleaning bill acceptors. I recall a post in the past suggesting spraying a $ bill with window cleaner and that bill cleaner sheets don't work. Tried the waffle type of cleaners recently but that was a bust as most of my machines won't take them in. Also tried the $ bill window cleaner technique with a twist, taping two bills together with two sided scotch tape to make them thicker...the acceptors take them in but I don't know if it does any good. Looking forward to your ideas.
  4. Hello...I have an USI snack (3506) and drink (3505) combination...separate machines operated from the snack machine. The drink machine has been vending doubles (cans). Motor count is right, can and bottle setting is correct. Don't know the extent of it as employees are taking advantage rather than letting us know. Has anyone run into this previously? Thanks!
  5. Same machine, new issue. Put refurbed bill acceptor after found the conlux that was in it would not take $5 bills. Also replaced the coin mech as it was spotty in taking quarters. Put in a mars and still would not take $5s. Then put in the bill acceptor and coin mech from the GPL 429 I replaced with this machine, which took the $5s fine. Would not take $5s in the 436. Tried all combinations of three acceptors and three coin mechs. Control board problem or ? As always, your assistance is appreciated.
  6. Hello again...had a cooling problem with a GPL 429 so I replaced it with an available GPL 436 that seems to work fine...cools down to 39 or 40 and all of the gates work as they should. My question has to do with carousel rotation. With the 429, one push of the panel button on the keypad (touch and release) turned the carousel to the next selection. On the 436, I have to hold the keypad button down until the carousel moves into position...if I let go, the carousel stops. Is this a design/function difference or do I have a problem with a switch or something else? Thanks
  7. Actually the fan and not the motor...I thought the latter was bad. Turned out the problem was a small rubber grommet where the fan is attached to the motor. That then should be topped with a metal washer with four indents to accommodate small nipples on the rubber piece. Long story short, the washer was missing allowing the fan to change position slightly after eating up the grommet and bang on the frame. Just for closure and FYI...thanks for the guidance.
  8. Hello, and thanks...I am probably limited to a machine with a smaller cabinet because of space limitations in the 37" wide the 431 won't fit. Will probably take a look at the 436 available locally.
  9. Thanks...I have seen positive comments about the Nat 431 and price lines of around $500. Where can I find one?
  10. I have a line on a GPL 436 and think I might purchase it...$625 and claimed to be location ready. What is your eval of this model? Also, are parts interchangeable between a 429 and 436?
  11. Maybe that is my problem...turned the machine on yesterday. No sign of any water and the fans seem to be working fine. What I heard was the compressor trying to start (noise plus signs of a power slowed down, lights dimmed). Repeated every 60 seconds or so...Think I toasted the compressor? Thanks.
  12. Hello, and thanks for the offer. Main problem now is in a separate post for GPL 429 food king not cooling. AZ vendor gave me some ideas and additional suggestions are certainly welcome.
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