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  1. Thanks buddy. I figured it out few days ago but i appreciate your help anyway.
  2. Oak reconditions Eagles? Where can I get those?
  3. No but I'm sure you know everything so educate me sir.
  4. I tried to pm crippler but didnt see where I could. How does on pm someone?
  5. Wow thank you for the response! What is ROI?
  6. What about this oak and north weastern.. I can get this for 125 Or the three eagles for 150 They aint budging on price
  7. Are eagles as good as northweastern or beaver and oak?
  8. Do you know what beaver quarter mechs would fir rhinos by chance?
  9. I have a few rhino machines. Can I replace their quarter mechanisms with a more heavy duty one from say a northwestern or another high quality name brand? Yesss yess i know rhinoooo suckkkks (all high pitched) I just want to know if any of you all have done something similar?
  10. Thanks, I really appreciate your help! Can I friend you?
  11. Hey how do I know which Northwestern machines to buy. Are there any that are more up-to-date than past ones? I see a lot of videos on YouTube of kids hacking gumball machines and I wonder if the newer ones have better security then the older ones. If so how do you know when your buy different machines off of eBay on the internet and can't truly tell what the inside mechanisms look like?
  12. This brand called rocket vending has breast cancer coin machines. I have no idea if these are quality crafted or Chinese knockoffs. Help appreciated. Are these good machines?
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