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  1. Yeah but just the brush. Just curious are certain NW machines made for deeper wheels and brushes? I have super 60's and only the shallow candy brushes fit it. Not the deeper ones. If one uses a deep wheel do they need a deep hopper too? Just wondering. Also im just making sure I make my request clear, I need a shallow NW candy brush, not a gumball brush. Do you have any for sale and if so how much woukd it cost to get one down here to Jackson MS? Thanks so much.
  2. In my state (Mississippi) I can't legally put out gumball machines without a buisness license. When I start putting out the machines how does the government know how much taxes I should be paying? I'm trying to do everything legitimately.
  3. This was the problem. You are the man!
  4. Is there a way i could send you video of what its doing. I do have the spacer in there and it still vends two gumballs sometimes. Irrirating!
  5. I have two oak vistas. I bought the 850 count box of gumballs from sams. My problem is sometimes the you put a quarter in and no gumball comes out then other times two gumballs come out on one quarter. What do I do to fix this? Also why do websites say that certain counts of gumballs fit certain wheels? What does the amount of them coming in a box have to do with their size? Like a website will say " this wheels fits 900ct, 850ct, 800ct. Does the ct stand for count? If so what does that have to do with size? Is there a website that breaks down indepth info about gumball machines? Every site I have seen is just very broad.
  6. Thank you for your reply by the way
  7. Why would you say i may not want to pursue it. Is it just not very profitable?
  8. I am in the state of Mississippi. I have ten gumball machines I am trying to put out. I am having issues with the lawfull route to take. One city said all I have to do is pay ten dollars a machine annually and another said I have to pay $275 dollars as a buisness fee then present what im trying to do in front of the board. Thennn another guy that already vends said if Im not making over ten thousand a year don't worry about registering the machines. Im so damn confused. Why does it have to be this hard. Also do I need to have a business license for ten machines? Thank yall.
  9. I have a few NW candy machines that have globes that have turned yellow. I have tried, alcohol, peroxide, heated peroxide, plastic polish with no luck. They still look like a piss color. Any solutions?
  10. Thanks buddy. I figured it out few days ago but i appreciate your help anyway.
  11. Oak reconditions Eagles? Where can I get those?
  12. No but I'm sure you know everything so educate me sir.
  13. I tried to pm crippler but didnt see where I could. How does on pm someone?
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