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  1. I am very dumb, and I'm glad I am. I managed to fix the machine by loading it up to the level the out of stock measure (thingy?) got disabled and the mech started working.. pfew! One last issue I am currently having is the coin mech cassette, it is for our old currency and I am spending over 2 hours now figuring out where to get a euro cassette or a new coin mech for an electro powered machine.. @droopi, any idea? Kind regards, EUvend
  2. I managed to fix the issues (all of them) by inserting the old eprom and STOS... insane.. Thanks for the thumbs up
  3. Thanks for your message. How much effort / cost would it be to swap out the mainboard as I cannot find a BB01. Also, about the coinmech, it is currently malfunctioning. I am looking to get it enabled, but it states that it is disabled by the electromechanical VMC, what could I do to solve this issue? To all, the machine is electromechanically regulated by the coin mech, the prices are set on the coin mech which is why I was thinking about that.
  4. There is an MDB connector linked to the coin acceptor, attached an image of it as well
  5. The coin mech has an mdb cable attached to it, hereby a picture.
  6. I have contacted Vendo and in fact we do have MDB over here. He told me that the machine is electromechanically, before MDB and the whole machine is regulated by the coin mech, the LCD is hooked to the coin mech and the prices are set on the coin mech as well. I think I can hook up cashless to the system but I have to replace it first. Unfortunately, Vendo told me they had no digital documentation for this machine. Also, all of the out of stock indicators are burning whilst I filled some of them up. Is this also linked to the coin mech? Anyone familiar with the CashFlow from Mars? I am looking to purchase a newer model. Thanks
  7. I am located in the Netherlands, which is why it is in Dutch ;-)!
  8. Thanks for your information, I will look into the optical sensors. I've re-read the manual and came up with 4 possibilities to try: 1. Try the old e-prom 2. Re-auto config to see whether the motors are the problem 3. Disable / Enable the optical barriers I will try this out in a couple hours.
  9. The coin mech has an MDB connection but that is not connected. It states EM VMC so I am not sure about the machine. Is it possible to hook up cashless to the Coin mech? Currently, the machine is not connected to the coin mech (red light) and when filled up all of the out of stock lights keep burning..
  10. Just checked the issue and it is not the cashless system... I have attached a manual for the g-snack (SF01) board, http://www.autovending.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/G-Snack-Programming-Manual.pdf I have removed the nayax from the circuit, and it seems the machine is having troubles with vending. The problem is not the motors: 1. Money inserted 2. Product selected The machine gives changes and says One Moment Please The product is not vended, after reselecting the same product it says out of stock. Same problem with all of the items. The machine keeps the amount of the product in escrow and it does not refund it when pressing the button. For me it seems like an eprom problem, but vendo states it's not.. Willing to pay for expertise if necessary. Please shoot me a PM in that case.
  11. I have unplugged the card reader and it appeared to happen less after a restart, so the issue did not disappear fully. I have been in contact with vendo, they provided me with the updated EPROM, which they say cannot be the issue, but I think it could be... Jamming could not be the issue on all selections, although I have some jamming issues with cans as they tend to tilt forwards.. I have been busy for several weeks reading these forums figuring it out, but unfortunately not much progress
  12. Hi all, Yesterday we picked up a machine (free of charge) which seems to be a Vendo V-216 Coke edition. All of the service papers state V-216 but when looking it up I don't get any information about it nor pictures. At first the front of the machine did not work, the LCD buttons and coin acceptor would not power on. After replacing the fuse (it had 6.3A in it, replaced it with 6.3 but later saw that the board stated 10A (???)) it started working. The machine is from 1995/1996ish, Cashflow 690 coin mech which is malfunctioning. Does anyone know if this machine runs MDB / Can be put on MDB? Any help is appreciated, it is my 2nd machine within a period of a month. If it works, looking to create a custom button panel for it, give it a new spray of paint and hook up a Nayax.
  13. Hi all, I am new to the vending world (and this forum) and I recently bought my first machine, a Vendo SVE 810. It is an unusual model and there is not much to find about this unit. The main board is an SF-01. We wanted to install a cashless payment system on it, and picked out the Nayax VPOS Touch. To install it, we had to update our EPROM from 0.13 to 0.41. After some issues, all of a sudden we are getting a lot of VEND errors. The machine is failing to dispense items that are being purchased, cash or by cashless but foremost cashless. I think the Nayax is the problem but it is unsure, and the customer support says that it should be a jammed motor but I do not think so. Does anyone have experience with such type of issues? If so, how did you continue to fix it? Kind regards, EUvend
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