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  1. Thanks everyone for the info
  2. I’m trying not to laugh but that’s too funny 😂 thanks for the info. I’ll probably give it a try, just because I know the store manager well, and see what happens. I already told her that I will have to pull it if there’s no ROI.
  3. I have a Staples retail store that only has 25 employees that wants a machine. I was thinking about a small combo machine. I used to work retail and we had about 30 employees tops and we used to hit the vending machines in our break room HARD!
  4. What is the fewest number of employees a business should have in order for it to be worth your time and money to place a machine in it? I know there are lots of factors but GENERALLY speaking what is the fewest employees at a business that YOU would bother to place a machine in?
  5. So pretty good except the frozen machines? The prices I’m getting quoted aren’t terrible. Thanks
  6. Does anyone have any experience with Federal Machine Co out of Des Moines IA? quality of machines? technical support? thanks, franco
  7. Thanks for the info. I live near the AMS manufacturing plant and am taking a tour soon. It’ll be nice to see up close how well they’re built.
  8. What’s the feedback on AMS machines? Good, bad, ugly?
  9. It seems like many people here are anti-combo machines. The latest models I’ve used (never owned or serviced) seem to be nice, solid machines that allowed me to buy everything I wanted from one machine. What are the draw backs from an owners perspective?
  10. As someone beginning a vending company what are some of the better quality machines to buy? I want to buy snack and beverage machines or combos. I’m leaning toward AMS. Suggestions?
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