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  1. Big apartment/townhouse complexes are being constructed in my area. Most have a central lobby area and a few have a pool/exercise area. Does anyone have experience with these types of locations? If so, what results have you had? Who are the decision makers for these types of locations? Should the machines be outside or in the lobby area for best results, etc... Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. I figured it out.....door switch went bad. thanks
  3. I have a crane 449 and we just installed a cc reader on it. The machine is all working fine but the refrigeration won’t come back on. All wires look connected and fine. Not sure what happened?? Any advice?? Thanks
  4. I have an older crane 167 snack machine. I need to update the eprom chip in order to install a credit card reader. Do these chips just pop out and pop a new one on or do u have to solder them?
  5. Thank you AZVendor! Your help is always greatly appreciated!
  6. Ok sounds easy enough. What exactly am I looking for? A set series of numbers? A few letters followed by numbers? Thanks again
  7. How do you determine what EPROM my older crane nationals are running to determine if they’re credit card reader compatible? i hope that makes sense. My other machines are newer and came with cc readers already installed. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know of any legitimate vending repair programs? Do they even exist? I bought a few machines and haven’t had any issues but I have a full time job and the guy who handled the maintenance no longer does that type of work. I’m not mechanically inclined but am eager to learn. I’m just amazed that there really isn’t any training offered. I understand that there are a wide variety of machines and components so no “course” will be all inclusive however I can’t find ANY courses anywhere. Also, where I live no vending tech will come out to me without charging a hefty fee. Thoughts?? Thank you so much.
  9. I’m trying to upgrade a couple of my older crane national machines to accept cc’s. I’m looking for cc/bill validator combo that will fit in the existing bill validator space as these machines do not have knockout spaces for cc’s to be added. The machines are crane national 449, 780 and 167 models. Any thoughts?
  10. I’m trying not to laugh but that’s too funny 😂 thanks for the info. I’ll probably give it a try, just because I know the store manager well, and see what happens. I already told her that I will have to pull it if there’s no ROI.
  11. I have a Staples retail store that only has 25 employees that wants a machine. I was thinking about a small combo machine. I used to work retail and we had about 30 employees tops and we used to hit the vending machines in our break room HARD!
  12. What is the fewest number of employees a business should have in order for it to be worth your time and money to place a machine in it? I know there are lots of factors but GENERALLY speaking what is the fewest employees at a business that YOU would bother to place a machine in?
  13. So pretty good except the frozen machines? The prices I’m getting quoted aren’t terrible. Thanks
  14. Does anyone have any experience with Federal Machine Co out of Des Moines IA? quality of machines? technical support? thanks, franco
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