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  1. Sideways but yes it is out. Started my vending journey in March of 2019 and have already grown to 20 locations with 45 machines.
  2. Machine was in a horse barn for over 6 years. This was my first machine when getting into vending. I have done may restorations since.
  3. Long story short. I had a metal plate/piece screwed on to the bottom of the machine. I unscrewed it so now I can just lift the bottom of the machine to get the coins. I went with the original design. Rookie mistake but we’ve all been through it. Thanks so much for your time and effort.
  4. This type of canister lifts up and if the components tested on the rod they would come off and get mixed with the product when I lifted it up.
  5. I went with wire and tape. But now that I think of it I don’t know if I can use tape because Gumballs will be touching it. Is masking tape/electrical tape okay to use? Or is their a direct food contact tape I can use?
  6. So i didn’t end up using the glue. I went with something different. Also I added this baffle to gum balls just to be 120 percent sure they will work. Also I put washers down that hold the copper pipe.
  7. Alright I’m gonna test you now. What would I do for a baffle assembly in this case where the canister slides off the rod? The current assembly would come apart each time. Currently I’m trying to glue these (with non toxic glue) but I don’t know if it will stay.
  8. Worked 120+ tries without mid ending All of you are the best. I’d be so down and out without your help!
  9. Second time now of doing 120 tries and no mis vends
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