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  1. I have a Gen 5 Clean Sweep claw machine that needs a new board. However, I can't find one. I've searched ebay, Craigslist, Googled it and came up empty. I did see a fair amount of Gen 6 boards and am wondering what it would take to use that board. What other items would be needed? Perhaps a transformer, wiring harness, claw etc. Has anyone done this or have knowledge of how to do it? If that can't be done, has anyone used a complete claw machine kit? They run between $250 and $300. Any and all advice welcomed. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the info, but my problem has now magnified and I've about given up on the board. I am starting a new thread looking for more info.
  3. Thanks for the info. Time to get the multimeter out.
  4. I have an older Clean Sweep claw machine that has a few issues all centering around the claw and lack of power. Every thing but the claw works. The board has been modified, repaired or just plain messed with. The voltage to the claw at the terminal block is only 1.5 volts upon dropping the claw. It should be between 33 - 68 volts. The voltage at the potentiometer is 1.9v at one end and zero at the other. I have tried to connect the claw directly to the board at J1-8 (green) and J1-20 White/blue but still no activation. The damaged area has been soldered so much that I'm surprised the crane even moves. Bottom line - repair the board (and by whom) or buy another board from someone ( I'm open to ideas. ) Thanks
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